Liju Krishna’s ‘Padavettu’, with Nivin Pauly and Aditi Balan, is a powerfully cinematic story of an unlikely saviour

Posted on October 22, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

Nivin Pauly, with his bulky frame, gives an excellent performance that comes in two flavours: one wholly internal and one wholly external. 


Even if we want to stay away from politics, politics has a way of entering our lives. This is, loosely, the core of Liju Krishna’s Padavettu. When we first meet the protagonist Ravi, played by Nivin Pauly, he is an idler. He has not been able to get over the after-effects of an accident in the past, and his joblessness is the object of much ridicule in his village, named Maloor. He lives with his aunt, superbly played by Remya Suresh. She is no silent victim of patriarchy. She is a sharp-tongued woman who gives as good as she gets – she’s one the most alive characters in the film. But even she has not been able to change Ravi’s attitude to life. His only relief is seeing Shyma (Aditi Balan), whenever he goes to sell milk at the society.

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