Vysakh’s ‘Monster’, with Mohanlal and Honey Rose, is a pulpy thriller that entertains until it starts to explain itself

Posted on October 22, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

I laughed at the outrageous plot turns, but I must admit I was also gripped. ‘Monster’ is utterly unpredictable for the most part. 

monster mohanlal

I’ll begin by saying that Vysakh’s Monster is not a “tasteful” film. It’s a film for those with an appetite for trashy pulp fiction, where you keep turning the pages feverishly in order to find out who the bad guy is. Mohanlal plays a turbaned man named Lucky Singh, a Malayali settled in Punjab, and the minute he says “soni kudi“, you know this is not something you take seriously. Short of shaking his shoulders to shouts of balle balle, Mohanlal plays not a character but a caricature. This, I think, is intentional. The man is a total pile-on, a total pest. We are irritated with his mannerisms. We are unable to bear his larger-than-life way of sucking up all the air in the room. And this mirrors the state of mind Bhamini finds herself in. In short, when Lucky Singh hops into Bhamini’s cab and spends the day with her, we find ourselves completely empathising with her annoyance and discomfort.

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