Pradeep Ranganathan’s ‘Love Today’ has a great theme that is let down by the writing, which settles for easy jokes and easy sentimentality

Posted on November 7, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

Like in ‘Comali’, Pradeep Ranganathan is better at coming up with unique concepts than in fleshing them out. 

love today 2022

On the surface, Pradeep Ranganathan’s Love Today is about the apparent shallowness of… love today. When people in earlier generations fell in love, there was the automatic assumption that the couple either fell for each other and then got to know all about each other, or they got to know about each other and then fell in love. I am not saying that the love in those generations was “pure”. There was porn. When guys got together, there were extensive discussions about the anatomy of actresses. When girls got together, there was talk about the hotness-quotient of guys. And yet, as far as the couple in love was concerned, they stayed true to one another, and the relationship was based on trust.

I don’t want to get all sociological on you, but maybe one of the reasons for that true-ness and trust was the fact that there wasn’t as much pressure on people who were single. Even if you didn’t land a boyfriend or girlfriend, you knew you’d end up with an arranged marriage – and there was no harm in that. But today, almost twenty years after Shankar’s Boys had the hero sing “Enakkoru girlfriend venumada… girlfriend illa vaazhkai waste allava…“, I think there is a lot of pressure among youngsters to be partnered. And that’s the point we see Uthaman and Nikitha at, played by the director and Ivana. They do some sweet-talking by the beach. They get matching jewellery and matching love songs as ring tones. But they hardly seem to know anything about each other. Even the topic of exes – which is usually something people in love always talk about – seems to have been unexplored.

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