Deepak’s well-researched ‘Witness’, on SonyLIV, is a story about manual scavenging that’s more earnest than emotional

Posted on December 9, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

Rohini and Shraddha Srinath star in a social drama where so much more could have been done with the narrative and the characterisation.

witness 2022 tamil

The crux of Deepak’s Witness is this: a teenager can be a terrific swimmer, a lifeguard at a pool. And yet, because of his caste/community, this talent of his is seen as something that will make him a good manual scavenger. Parthiban (Thamizharasan) is that teenager. He lives with his mother Indrani, who’s played by Rohini with her characteristic conviction. The screenplay places them in Semmanjeri and contrasts this locality with Adyar, where the residents of an apartment complex need their septic tank unblocked and cleaned. The other contrast is that these residents are the type who say “snanam” for a bath, and propose doing a “homam” for cleansing themselves of bad vibes and sin. The sin is the death of Parthiban. And we wonder: How did this college-going boy – this lifeguard – from Semmanjeri land up all the way in Adyar for this particular job.

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