The emotional stakes are low, but as a scare-dispensing machine, Ashwin Saravanan’s ‘Connect’ does a pretty decent job

Posted on December 22, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

But the scares apart, there is no emotional depth. And the film does not show anything we have not seen in earlier stories about exorcism.

connect nayanthara

There are times Ashwin Saravanan’s Connect appears to be a COVID-era homage to The Exorcist. Here, too, we have a single mother, played by a gritty Nayanthara, alternating faith and fear. Here, too, we have a teenage daughter, played very nicely – at least from the few scenes she is “normal” – by Haniya Nafisa. Here, too, the father is absent – rather, he is dead. And he is replaced by both the Father from the local Church as well as God, the ultimate Father. And finally, there is the triumph of religion over science, which has failed to save mankind from a deadly outbreak. The demon that possesses the daughter, therefore, could be seen as a manifestation of the virus itself, which – like in The Exorcist – only faith can destroy. Then again, you don’t have to go so far and “read” this film at all. As a casual moviegoer, you can simply say you are strapping yourself into a scare-dispensing machine – and on that level, Connect does a pretty decent job.

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