Readers Write In #535: Love today…Wait, what love?

Posted on December 30, 2022


By Madhumithaa S

Respectably enough, Pradeep Ranganathan’s Love Today begins with a disclaimer that no animals or birds were harmed in the making of the movie.

Errrrrr…did he forget something?

What about harming humans with this movie?

I am so furious that I’m not sure about where to start, and how to go about. But, the one thing I won’t do is stay silent as something so atrocious is being made, screened, streamed, and watched at this day and age.

For someone who has always had difficulty in trusting people, I consider this movie an absolute treasure because now, I need therapy. Not sure if I owe it to “Uthaman” Pradeep or Nikitha because the competition was quite fierce! But to both their credits, the remote possibility of me believing that there’s still hope in this world, and there are still people out there worth trusting is now completely gone! If my inability to trust people was the problem so far, now it’s become my blind fear for humans. I’m just outright scared of the species, and I’m not sure how easy this is going to be to overcome. Sounds like an effective movie, doesn’t it? Cheers to that!

Allow me to skip to the best part in the movie. The most important message that got screamed into our ears, loud and clear.

A video of a woman going viral determines the course of her life. Period.”

She could be someone educated.

She could be a working professional.

She could be from any economic background.

She could be an orphan.

She could be surrounded by friends and family.

She could be single.

She could be in a relationship.

She could be married.

She could be a virgin.

She could be sexually active, but of course in secret

She could literally be anybody and be doing anything with her life.

But, all of this only until there’s a video of her that goes viral.    

 According to the movie, these are the options available to a woman when a video of her leaks on the internet:

Option 1: She can choose to end her life.

Option 2: She can break down and cry inconsolably to make people believe that she was not the woman in the video.

Option 3: She can go and beg her partner to believe that it was not her. If he believes her, she can carry on with her life on his terms, of course. I mean she is lucky enough to have found a man so magnanimous! What more does she need?  

If he doesn’t believe her, I think we are back to Option 1.

Having deeply considered all these audacious (and not at all atrocious by any means) options, I feel like adding just a couple of more choices that the movie inadvertently missed out on offering us.

Option 0: For starters, she can decide to be strong, and not let herself be destroyed by something that has nothing to do with her. If anything, the video is something completely physical, and no human is defined just by her/his body.

Option -1: She can resolve to never explain/defend herself to anyone…because she need not and should not. 

Option -2: She can decide to pursue the perpetrators, and get them penalized.

Option -3: She can just show the middle finger to the world. So what if people think it was her on the video? So what?

I’m going to stop here with the options.

With the movie having competitively disturbing moments and perspectives, this was the winner for me.

Are we still defining women only by their physicality? Why is sex still such a taboo only for women? So what if she has sex? So what if she wants to have multiple sex partners? So what if she is filmed while having sex? So what if a video leaks in the internet? So what if it goes viral?

How does any of this define a woman?

Since swapping is a thing in the movie, let’s swap gender and ask the same questions assuming that the subject is a man.

Except, there are no questions asked when this is about a man.

Signing off abruptly here because I have to find a therapist now, and get started on my sessions before I absolutely lose it like Nikitha did when she was caught with her ex.