H Vinoth’s ‘Thunivu’ has a good premise for a heist movie but the writing does not match up

Posted on January 11, 2023


Spoilers ahead…

The film is tonally uniform, which helps to maintain the mood. But by the end, it is further proof that these big-star movies are a kind of IIT entrance exam for directors.

In his recent interview with Galatta Plus, H Vinoth said that he doesn’t care as much about the “story” of his films as the “information” he can deliver about the milieu the narrative is set in. But ironically, the best part of Thunivu – apart from Nirav Shah’s very classy cinematography – is that story. You think it’s a heist. And then you realise it’s a heist within a heist. And then… let’s just say there’s a third layer. Had this premise been developed to its fullest, this would have been a cracker of a thriller instead of the generic Shankar-style vigilante action movie it ends up being – give or take a few updates from the Gentleman template. Ajith sports a white shirt, a white beard, and his stylish statement “this heist is mine” may be one of the coolest mass moments of the year.

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