Readers Write In #574:  PS-2 and why it is riddled with the same problems that plagued later seasons of GoT

Posted on April 29, 2023


By Gnanaozhi

The movie simply didn’t work for me. It has a severe GoT season 5-8 problem. Seasons 1-4 were sublime, it adapted the books faithfully but the Showrunners added some minor twists of their own (like that scene where Tywin is being served by Arya who is pretending to be a lowly servant). However once the source material ran out, it became a putrid pile of festering garbage. It looked stunning sure, the BGM by Ramin Djwadi is one for the ages, the acting was terrific but the core script just didn’t add up. 

Ps1 was brilliant. PS2 the first half took the brilliance of Ps1 and then amped it up. The second half? Utter nonsense. 

The brilliance of Kalki was that he took certain and known historic events, did meticulous research and then filled the gaps in. 

So we know Adita Karikalan was murdered by the beauty of the work is the whodunit that runs throughout. 

We know there was a Chola war against a Pandya rebellion. 

We even know of high officials like Anirudha Brahamarayar or Vandhiyathevar. 

We know Kundavei was a powerful noblewoman with her own vast estates who did a lot of good deeds. 

We know that the line from Sundara chola skipped Arulmozhi went to Utama Chola and then came back to Arulmozhi aka Raja Raja. .

And a lot more historical facts. Kalki took these sparse facts and spun an exquisite tapestry. 

MR though simply skips this meticulous research, writes guys characters into weird cul de sacs and worst of all commits atrocious historical errors. 

Let’s start with the history first. 

The Rashtrakutas and Cholas had a war, yes and the Rashtrakutas invaded also yes that’s right but it fricking took place during the time of Parantaka Chola 1. Parantaka Chola is the grandfather of Sundara Chola (Prakash Raj) and the great grandfather of the 3 siblings (Adita, Kundavai and Arulmozhi). By the time of the events being described the Rashtrakutas had ceased to exist. 

This is like if someone made a historical movie on WW2 and showed the Germans allying with Napoleonic France to fight Soviet Russia. That’s how ahistorical this is. 

Am not even bothering with the actual weapons or that Roman scutum style shield, or leather armour that looked like something a BDSM practioner would wear. Or the tactics. I assume that Indian directors in general, even someone as great as MR even bother with historical accuracy. 

Spoiler territory ahead. 

In the books it was not brawn or even chance but a battle of guile and wits. Anirudha Brahamarayar and Kundavi were the best of the best master of whispers whole Nandini on the other side could match them and even best them. Men turned to putty in her hands and she wielded that power fully. She was extremely strong willed (as was Kundavi or even side characters like Poonguzhali). The Nandini of the book and indeed the PS1 or the first half of PS2 would have not hesitated to plunge a dagger into AK’s chest and she most definitely would have not committed suicide or even regretted that she used Periyapazhuvetayar as a chess player would a Pawn. 

Kundavi who orchestrated events had no role in the movie. 

While yes watching Vikram who was in peak form was just amazing, the shift in focus from Arulmozhi to Adita also didn’t make any sense. 

Parthibendra switching allegiance because…. reasons? Also made no sense. 

Arulmozhi and Kundavi not even speaking for and on behalf of Vandhiyathevar? Makes no sense besides all is forgotten and suddenly he is back to being best buds with them?

Things happen not because of an organic movement of the plot, as Kalki structured it, which was akin to an intricate Swiss watch while here things happen because they have to happen. 

Yes it looked stunning, the songs were good (the BGM simply didn’t work for me though), Vikram was sublime, as was Karthi. Even Jayam Ravi was good. The show stealers were young Vikram and young Aishwarya. 

Lastly I get that Aishwarya is MR’s muse and all but she simply can’t pass off as this young ethereally beautiful woman. And that face has all the acting range of Steven Seagal!