Baradwaj Rangan is a film critic and Senior Deputy Editor at The Hindu. He won the National Award (Swarna Kamal) for Best Film Critic in 2005. His writings on cinema, music, art, books, travel and humour have been published in various magazines like Open, Tehelka, Biblio, Outlook and The Caravan. He has co-written the screenplay for the Tamil rom-com, Kadhal 2 Kalyanam. He teaches a course on cinema at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.

Baradwaj has contributed to various anthologies, the most recent being an essay in Subramaniyapuram: The Tamil Film in English Translation. His first book, Conversations with Mani Ratnam, was published by Penguin in 2012. His second book, from Westland, is due in late 2014.

— 23 August, 2014

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  1. I was reading this and thought in my mind .. were you in the theatre with a pen and a paper.. or wait maybe a notebook or an Ipad… and if you hadn’t .. hats off to you for remembering even the minutest details.. but of course I didnt notice you were with the Indian Express and a well known critic!!
    You echoed the same feelings I had … mixed feelings and an headache!!


  2. ur article on the interview with Bombay Jayashree was beautiful…. I might not be able to sing like her but I totally understand when she says that she loves music more than God…


  3. Hiya impatiently waiting for your review of Aravaan….


  4. Finally a review that nails it. I used to like Anupama Chopra but no more. You are officially the critic I trust. MP from NYC


  5. He is very worst reviewed in Hindu Today Jan 18th.

    Vikram his very dedicated on this fully….


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