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Post Truth and Pseudorealism

May 1, 2022


Team Sudharts, a group of Art Curators specializing in pioneering artworks coming out of India. Gone are the days when like-minded artists would huddle together to propagate their specific style of art, particularly when they were bringing something new in the art world. Every art ism was rooted in the political environment in which the […]

Readers Write In #27: A conversation on art, criticism and society

November 4, 2017


​’No a reviewer and a critic are not one and the same’ ‘Both of them do the work of guiding a consumer to choose the better product. They help us to differentiate between a good and a bad film. Don’t they?’ ‘No. You are defining a reviewer. He is probably cinema’s equivalent of a portfolio […]

Emotion capture

November 14, 2015


A quick trip through the nine moods – nava rasas – of the Indian film song. Which song would you pick as a depiction of Śṛungāram (Love)? There are hundreds. Abhi na jaao chhod kar, for instance. He’s saying don’t leave me yet, the heart hasn’t had its fill of you. She protests. It’s late. […]

Art reorientation

November 13, 2015


A colossal performing-arts space in South Korea hopes to establish the East as the centre of the cultural world.  One evening this September in Gwangju, South Korea, some 125 people watched Tishani Doshi and Shaji John slip into what seemed like a trance and demonstrate Chandralekha’s theories about “the geometry of the body.” The production, […]

Master of Arts

October 17, 2014


Kamal Haasan talks about how music came into his life. And dance. And everything else. Baradwaj Rangan listens. Forget the actor. That was the brief. After fifty years of acting, that’s the only facet of Kamal Haasan people think about. Sometimes, maybe, they think of Kamal Haasan the writer or Kamal Haasan the director. But […]

Self life

August 21, 2014


Impressions from the 2014 edition of ‘Svanubhava’. What was running through Ustad Mohi Baha’uddin Dagar’s mind, on the first day of Svanubhava, when he set up his rudra veena and began to play? There’s a reason behind this question, and it has to do with the sessions that preceded his. The morning began briskly, with […]

‘I am willing to give up the kutcheri’

December 14, 2013


What is it about the chirping of some birds that makes it a song? What is the purpose of music? Does it matter whether you are a man or a woman in the world of Karnatik music? TM Krishna, in his book ‘A Southern Music’, lays down the history, evolution and grammar of his art […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “Hardboiled tweets”

February 8, 2013


Thanks to social media, the world has become an even more unfair place. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Every time a major release ends up being savaged on social media, there rises a question about the fairness of it all. The points made by the filmmakers and their PR people are these: […]

The land of the unfree

February 3, 2013


With every passing controversy, we’re learning to redefine our rights. This is the story of two YouTube videos. The first one came up bare hours before I sat down to write this, and it featured an actor, a producer, a director announcing to a media gathering that he was now homeless in every sense. His […]

Where the art is

December 8, 2012


A city that did not have a single gallery of international standards is now getting ready to host a large-scale, three-month-long exhibition of contemporary art. A week before the opening of India’s first ever biennale, Baradwaj Rangan gets a sense of the preparations and the politics on the ground. The road snaking past Fort Kochi […]

‘A’ for Agam

November 20, 2012


With loose locks cascading down his back and a tendency to raise a leg while pulling off vocal feats, Harish Sivaramakrishnan, the frontman of Agam, came off like he was auditioning for the part of Shiva in the film adaptation of The Immortals of Meluha. He had the attitude too. Noticing that the full house […]

A teardrop in the ocean

August 25, 2012


It’s a small beginning, a modestly scaled cultural exchange between India and Sri Lanka’s Northern Province that’s hopefully the drizzle before a downpour. A report from Jaffna on an arts festival that ventures overseas for the first time. On the penultimate day of the month-long annual festival of the Nallur Kandaswamy Temple, the long ribbon […]

Indian panorama

February 19, 2012


On the occasion of his first ever exhibition in the city, Raghu Rai holds forth on dancing boulders and the multiplicity of moments. A quintet of priests in Tirupathi, foreheads slathered with religious markings, rests under a Garuda with soaring wings and clasped hands. Nearby, a joyous family, adults and children, hold hands in Kanyakumari, […]

One hundred years of pulchritude

January 22, 2012


Artists from around the country gather to create new works and commemorate a great Indian painter. At the far end of the lobby of Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove, Akkitham Narayanan is stooped over a canvas, trowel in hand, smoothing out the cobalt blues and the reddish browns and the whites that make up […]

Yesterday Once More

November 14, 2011


A tribute to a golden era of music was a treat for lovers of nostalgia, even if lovers of music were left wanting more. Towards the end of her tribute to the songs of Lata Mangeshkar, titled Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh, Sadhna Sargam brought in a note of self-effacement. “It’s really tough to sing her […]

Strings Attached

November 13, 2011


The Hindu Friday Review November Fest got off to a festive start to the sounds of the mandolin and the yanqing. A few days before Mandolin U. Shrinivas and Prof. Liu Yuening were to perform together at the opening concert of The Hindu Friday Review November Fest, I eavesdropped on a rehearsal. She was seated […]


October 14, 2011


A report on the unveiling of a documentary on the artist SG Vasudev… How do you reconcile the static nature of art with the kineticism of film? One way out is to douse the creative process in incubatory drama, like the countless movies where the artist – unkempt, inflamed, stippled with paint – paces about […]

A Brush with Fate

May 21, 2011


The famously neutral Swiss are involved, this time, in a transcontinental rescue mission to free a forgotten people. The art world applauds. Why are so many early Indian paintings so small as to be labelled miniatures? Would a large canvas not free up the artist, the way the novel liberates the writer to deepen plot […]

Report from a Rehearsal

June 30, 2010


PLAY TIME Taking in the sights and sounds from a rehearsal of a forthcoming retrospective of plays…

A New Home for MS's Piano

July 18, 2009


PIANO WOMAN MS Subbulakshmi’s baby grand finds a new home. Marking the occasion, a concert celebrates both artist and instrument. JUL 19, 2009 – A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT, AT THE instant of creation, is but a piece of construction – an exoskeleton of wood and metal and skin. And then a flautist blows into it the […]