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Between Reviews: Farewell

February 26, 2011


After eight years, your friendly neighbourhood film critic says thank you and goodbye.

Between Reviews: Shooting from the Lip

February 12, 2011


Gautham Vasudev Menon opens up about his latest I-don’t-care film, and explains why his wife’s fondness for Tarantino augurs well for his kind of cinema.

Between Reviews: Meetings and Misgivings

February 5, 2011


Should people who comment on art – namely critics and reviewers and other assorted chroniclers of pop culture – be allowed to meet the artist?

Between Reviews: The Prize is Right

January 22, 2011


The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards was nothing special. But at least it takes itself less seriously than the Oscars, and is therefore more fun.

Between Reviews: Critical Condition

January 8, 2011


Thoughts about being a critic, addressed to those who keep writing in wanting to be inducted into the profession, as well as those who demand year-end lists.

Between Reviews: Once Upon a Time in the Fest – Part 2

January 1, 2011


Movie-hopping through the 8th Chennai International Film Festival, with its mix of the curious and the commendable.

Between Reviews: Once Upon a Time in the Fest – Part 1

December 25, 2010


Movie-hopping through the 8th Chennai International Film Festival, with its mix of the curious and the commendable.

Between Reviews: Extra Dimension, but Where’s the Depth?

September 25, 2010


EXTRA DIMENSION, BUT WHERE’S THE DEPTH? Two 3-D features – one that aims high and falls low, and another that’s better simply because it aims low and falls low.

Between Reviews: The Departed

September 18, 2010


THE DEPARTED Writing an obituary is not the easiest of things, even if the people who left us left behind a large body of work.

Between Reviews: Meeting Mysskin

September 11, 2010


MEETING MYSSKIN A few weeks ago, I was part of a panel discussion organised by LV Prasad Film and TV Academy.

Between Reviews: To See Or Not To See

September 4, 2010


TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE Forget someone else’s star ratings. The function of movie guides is to inform you who’s in a film and what it’s about, so that you can decide for yourself.

Between Reviews: Sophomore Blues

August 28, 2010


SOPHOMORE BLUES The second film’s the real test, it appears, and one filmmaker ends up with a disappointing star showcase while another, wisely, chooses to showcase himself.

Between Reviews: Art in the Mart

August 21, 2010


ART IN THE MART Is creativity in mainstream Indian cinema a contradiction of sorts? And are we, the audience, responsible in some way?

Between Reviews: Same, but Different

August 14, 2010


SAME, BUT DIFFERENT Two recent hits prove, yet again, that it’s easy to forgive familiarity if the treatment is reasonably unfamiliar.

Between Reviews: The Unbearable Flightlessness of Being

August 7, 2010


THE UNBEARABLE FLIGHTLESSNESS OF BEING The find-yourself story arc may be fairly predictable, but the detailing is the thing that makes this superb first feature soar.

Between Reviews: Musical Memories

July 31, 2010


MUSICAL MEMORIES A recent biography and an even more recent debate prove that the life and times of singer-superstar MKT continue to enthrall readers, viewers and listeners.

Between Reviews: Dreams of Prose

July 24, 2010


DREAMS OF PROSE Corporate espionage in the world of dreams makes for a great action stretch buried in a lot of talky tedium. Plus, love in the world of the British makes for a reasonably diverting romance.

Between Reviews: Small is Beautiful Too

July 17, 2010


SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL TOO Tightly knit genre films appear to have revitalised Martin Scorsese, last seen reeling under the burden of overblown epics.

Between Reviews: It Takes a Village…

July 10, 2010


IT TAKES A VILLAGE… A beautifully narrated rustic romance hints that there’s still a place in the mainstream for languid storytelling.

Between Reviews: Every Underdog Has Its Day

July 3, 2010


EVERY UNDERDOG HAS ITS DAY Nobody asked for a kung fu-flavoured remake of ‘The Karate Kid.’ But now that it’s upon us, no one’s complaining either.