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Bitty Ruminations 70 – One lakh words

October 9, 2012


One lakh words. That sounds like so much, like stars in the night sky, an unending expanse of text. And yet, holding in hand a book just a little larger than a DVD makes it seem so small, like an astronomer used to looking at far-flung, three-dimensional galaxies through a telescope now contending with the […]

Bitty Ruminations 69 – Sattru munbu

September 5, 2012


I don’t know if I will have the time for a full-fledged review of Ilayaraja’s soundtrack for Neethane En Ponvasantham. Also, after just a few listens, the songs haven’t sunk in fully — though they have left behind rough outlines in my mind. But the main reason for my inability to launch into detailed thoughts […]

Bitty Ruminations 68 – Conversation with a reader

August 17, 2012


A mostly remembered report of a recent conversation: Him: Of course I know your work. At one point, I used to love your reviews. Me: [Awkward smile, with the mind furiously latching on to “used to.”] Thanks. Him: At that time there was no one else writing like you. Me: [Awkward smile continuing, with the […]

Bitty Ruminations 67 – Longhand

June 18, 2012


As something of a technophobe myself, I loved reading this almost romantic ode to the joys of writing in longhand. And I loved, even more, the author’s bringing up the issue of the craftsmanship involved in writing: “There is also an old world romance and an artisanal aspect to writing by longhand that you will […]

Bitty Ruminations 66 – Working

May 4, 2012


Just finished reading this long and entertaining profile of Samuel L Jackson, and found myself lingering over this passage: William Friedkin, who directed Jackson in “Rules of Engagement,” told me: “Sam is a director’s dream. Some actors hope to find their character during shooting. He knows his character before shooting. Sam’s old-school. I just got […]

Bitty Ruminations 65

April 23, 2012


This excellent article about there being No Sympathy for the Creative Class resonated quite a bit in the echo chamber of my soul, even though I’m not exactly what you’d call a “struggling creative type.” I have a regular job, and even if I didn’t, the freelance industry is not half-bad when you’ve made for […]

Bitty Ruminations 64

April 11, 2012


Sometimes a post comes so irresistibly titled that you have to devour it immediately, like that box of chocolates in the hotel-room minibar. I present as proof “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do.” Right from the get-go (people still say “get-go,” right?), the post had me nodding, and once the cricks […]

Bitty Ruminations 63

October 24, 2011


“In Britain, one in six mobile phones is contaminated with faecal matter.” It’s been a while since I ruminated bittily (and hopefully wittily) about sundry topics under the sun, but this, um, golden-brown nugget of information made me dash to my computer and resume this sorely neglected series.

Bitty Ruminations 62

September 4, 2011


I found this article Anatomy of a Zine interesting on many levels, but mainly because of the passion involved in such a project. I think every writer has in him an amount of passion for his work, which is why you die a thousand deaths when something doesn’t come out the way you want and […]

Bitty Ruminations 61

August 20, 2011


I have one of those metabolisms where the mere sniffing of food contributes to a couple of kilos. I run. I swim. I yoga. I watch (to the extent possible) what I eat. And yet, the wobbly bits show little signs of unwobbling.

Bitty Ruminations 60

August 14, 2011


Shammi Kapoor, that great (in more than one sense) fount of joy on screen, passed away today. His songs (mostly with Rafi) are some of my all-time favourites, especially the entire An Evening In Paris album (Shankar-Jaikishan).

Bitty Ruminations 59

July 29, 2011


The prospect of a life coasting along the English-film-review circuit seemed so much better than being slave to every single Hindi film released every single Friday, attempting to review the patently un-reviewable.

Bitty Ruminations 58

July 9, 2011


I did know a lot of swear words in school, and I did use a lot of them frequently. It’s just that they were all in English. If I try to think back on how it all began, I suppose it was by giggling over nonsense rhymes like this one, which offered boys in uniform […]

Bitty Ruminations 57

June 27, 2011


I’m sorry, but I’m appalled and alarmed at how Indians are increasingly equating humility with some kind of greatness.

Bitty Ruminations 56

June 20, 2011


I headed over to my father’s house. He’d had a cold the earlier night when he called. I was busy getting drunk and was trying to finish off some very stale garlic bread and some merely okayish pepperoni pizza that came very highly recommended by the person getting drunk opposite me, and so the phone […]

Bitty Ruminations 55

June 10, 2011


Some of the glancing gifts bestowed on you — by genetics or by God, depending on how you choose to believe you came to be — can, at an early age, come off as curses.

Bitty Ruminations 54

June 8, 2011


There isn’t much you can expect from a half-hour programme intended to celebrate a creator whose creations, if stacked, would scrape at least a few low-cruising private planes — but this show was a surprise.

Bitty Ruminations 53

June 7, 2011


If the invitation were to be believed, I was one the evening’s attractions, just one rung below Hugh Welchman, the Oscar-winning producer of the animated short Peter & the Wolf who would screen his much-laurelled creation and later submit to my probing about his life, his career, his future.

Bitty Ruminations 52

May 27, 2011


Now, this is a progamme I’d give the proverbial eye-teeth to watch. It’s not as if my relationship with Shakespeare is the kind where I’m back home after a hard day’s work — never mind the smirks from the peanut gallery; what a critic does is hard work, dammit! — and relax with a beer […]

Bitty Ruminations 51

May 11, 2011


There is a great Jerry Seinfeld wisecrack that gets at the root of why we are so glued to the remote control – men don’t care about what’s on TV; they only care about what else is on TV. In the days of the single channel, we saw what we were given, but now that […]