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A century through the eyes of a city

March 19, 2013


A book as unusual as dates.sites: Project Cinema City: Bombay/Mumbai is best described through the words of Madhushree Datta, who came up with the concept and authored the text. “This volume presents a timeline of the city of Bombay/Mumbai in the 20th century, anchored to its most adored public institution – cinema.” The book, thus, “is divided […]

Waiting for cricket

February 3, 2012


Ambling around Adelaide, fingers fervently crossed at the prospect of slipping into the final test match at the Oval. The twenty-sixth of January, our Republic Day, is also Australia Day. The Advertiser, a newspaper whose name suggests an unblushing commitment to its priorities, asks its readers about their holiday plans. Tenille Aberle from Mawson Lakes […]

Happy new year

December 31, 2011


Buried in a bean bag in a cabana by a tropical poolside, eyes glazed with sleep, stray lines of sweat staining the back of the T-shirt, it’s a little difficult to comprehend the power of a cyclone that just left Chennai gasping for breath, with only periodic emails from home a reminder of papers that […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “The unqualified joys of lowbrow sensations”

December 30, 2011


The point of pop culture isn’t some imagined idea of quality – just a sense of throbbing with a common pulse. The last column of the year. Should I devote it to best-of lists? A more cohesive meditation on the cinema of a year that, at the end of this day, will vanish from the […]

Lights, Camera, Conversation… “The colossal cost of comments”

November 11, 2011


Everyone has the right to an opinion about your work. After all, they’ve paid a pretty price for the privilege. What gives me the right to criticise a movie, a book, a work of art, a snatch of music? Perhaps the word “criticise” is too severe, the pedant’s equivalent of a cane whistling down on […]

Scientific Indian

September 29, 2011


The director of IIT-Madras talks about playing the mridangam and pondering upon our country’s destiny even as he plays sheriff to a small town.

View from a Distance

September 10, 2011


Ten years later, Baradwaj Rangan looks back at the country he left, the country that seems, somehow, so different today. The morning two determined terrorists, within a span of twenty minutes, brought down a couple of skyscrapers and snapped America’s spine, I was beginning a day of work in a suburb of Chicago. There was […]

Chip-chip. Chopin. Chennai.

June 29, 2011


An animation facility in the city pulls off its biggest project yet, at the behest of an Oscar-winning producer.

A Vote for Voting

April 13, 2011


One day, just one day every few years, a cynic becomes a sentimentalist. It’s 8 am and there’s a hush over Besant Nagar – not a holiday hush, not the hush rising from the absence of traffic on roads as people go about the business of making a living and their uniformed children race to […]

An airy mini-essay…

December 30, 2010


DEC 30, 2010 – The good people at Tehelka asked me (and three others) to pick a word — just a word — on which I could write a year-ender piece on. The airy mini-essay is here.

The Return of Dewar’s

July 10, 2010


HIGH NOTES Dewar’s is back in India. And they’re going to tell you what whiskey goes best with Murg Makhani.

Of Plum Cake and Sugar Candy

December 24, 2004


OF PLUM CAKE AND SUGAR CANDY DEC 24, 2004 – CHILDHOOD MEMORIES AREN”T ALWAYS THE MOST ACCURATE of things, so when I tell you the story of Jack-a-dandy here, it’s as I remember it from the days I first read it. (In other words, executors of the Jack-a-dandy estate – and they may well exist; […]