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Switching channels

July 10, 2014


Baradwaj Rangan gets used to the idea of life without TV. I am amazed at myself. The last time I was so amazed at myself was when I discovered that I could touch my toes without bending my knees. Okay, so I bent my knees a little. But that doesn’t count as cheating. We are […]

The supreme court

June 14, 2014


Is there another sport as epic, as dramatic as tennis? A couple of weeks ago, as I was walking on the footpath, I came in front of a ladder that was propped against one of the stores on the side. A man standing on one of the upper rungs was painting over some existing signage, […]

Indian Premier Lok Sabha

April 12, 2014


With all the hype and media coverage around the elections and the new IPL season, Baradwaj Rangan wakes up finding it difficult keeping the two events apart. My money’s on this. Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be our next Prime Minister. Narendra Modi will lead the Mumbai Indians to victory. Television cameras, meanwhile, will zoom towards […]

The Pitts and the media pendulum

April 21, 2012


It isn’t often that the media is presented with news that’s truly worth covering, and now that it’s upon us, we can only hope we can live up to the gargantuan challenge. For a while, now, it appeared that every dire warning issued by those stentorian opponents of social media had come true. The world […]

Shtick Figure

September 9, 2011


Chatting up Ash Chandler just before a performance in Chennai. Chandler brings a myriad of influences – a Punjabi father, a Tamil mother, an American childhood, theatre training in the Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg techniques, a twelve-year-and-continuing stint in India – to bear upon his stand-up comedy. Chandler’s recent gigs include Ash… and You […]

An airy mini-essay…

December 30, 2010


DEC 30, 2010 – The good people at Tehelka asked me (and three others) to pick a word — just a word — on which I could write a year-ender piece on. The airy mini-essay is here.

From Rishikesh with Love

October 30, 2010


With Anil Ambani’s encroachment on Hollywood – DreamWorks, and now, reportedly, MGM – it’s only a matter of time before the moribund James Bond franchise is revived, with an Indian twist.

Arre O Sambar: Give me a knife from this state (a.k.a. Tamil kathi kodu)

November 24, 2005


ARRE O SAMBAR… #24: GIVE ME A KNIFE FROM THIS STATE (A.K.A. TAMIL KATHI KODU) NOV 24, 2005 – THERE ARE SOME DELIGHTFUL STORIES behind the origin of Tamil words and phrases. For instance, when Mari, a top fashion model from Paris, came down for a holiday in Chennai, she brought along so many clothes […]

Arre O Sambar: Time to Celebrate the Living-room Housefly (a.k.a. Hall-Ee-Day)

November 17, 2005


ARRE O SAMBAR… #23: TIME TO CELEBRATE THE LIVING-ROOM HOUSEFLY (A.K.A. HALL-EE-DAY) NOV 17, 2005 – CHENNAI HAS BECOME THE new favourite place of travel agencies. People from our city are reportedly packing off in droves to exotic holiday destinations, especially in Europe. At first, I found this a bit hard to believe. After all, […]

Arre O Sambar: The festival of lights, a hot babe, and whole wheat flour (a.k.a. Deepavali Gal-atta)

October 27, 2005


ARRE O SAMBAR… #20: THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, A HOT BABE, AND WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR (A.K.A. DEEPAVALI GAL-ATTA) OCT 27, 2005 – A LONG TIME AGO, whenever people in Chennai wanted to celebrate Deepavali, they used to head off to a city near Bangalore. A few days before the journey, they’d start putting all their […]

Arre O Sambar: Pop Matters

June 30, 2005


POP MATTERS JUNE 30, 2005 – I LOVE MY SISTER, BUT THERE ARE TIMES I don’t want to be around when she calls from the US. Those times are usually before Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, when a typical conversation goes like this. She: “So what are you getting Amma for Mother’s Day?” Me: “Uh…” […]

Arre O Sambar: All Aboard the Hogwash Express

June 29, 2005


ALL ABOARD THE HOGWASH EXPRESS I’VE STUMBLED UPON A TERRIFIC – and entirely original – concept for a series of seven books, and I thought I’d share it with you this week. It’s about a Chennai boy who’s never been to a barber, and whose favourite food is rajma. I’m going to call him Hairy […]

Arre O Sambar: It's Potty Time Folks

June 23, 2005


IT’S POTTY TIME FOLKS JUNE 23, 2005 – NEWSPAPERS TODAY ARE FULL OF HOW INTERVIEWING IN CHENNAI has become almost like ragging. Apparently, there’s this one guy on the panel who repeatedly confronts the interviewee to see how much stress he can take, to ensure that the candidate can handle a job filled with pressure […]