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‘Spotify: Cinema with BR’ Episode 1: On AR Rahman, on his birthday

January 6, 2023


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Gagan Dhuan Dhuan

June 20, 2022


One of the characteristics of Impressionism is that the further you are the “clearer” the art form gets. This composition is a beautiful instance of the style. The asymmetry of the tune and the orchestral bits keep us at a distance — and we are not able to “put together he whole” at once. But […]

Readers Write In #446: How to Name It-2

February 23, 2022


By Anand Raghavan Ilayaraja has announced that part 2 of “How to name it” album will release soon. A look back at what  “How to name it” meant to me.  My interest in listening to music co-incided with the period what many would here call the post ’85 phase of Ilayaraja, in fact it was […]

Goodbye, Bappi Lahiri!

February 17, 2022


Interview: AR Rahman and Shekhar Kapoor (On their new stage show, how music happens, etc.)

January 12, 2022


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Interview: AR Rahman (BAFTA Breakthrough, Taare Ginn, Ponniyin Selvan…)

October 27, 2021


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Interview: Noel Kirthiraj, co-founder and CEO of MAAJJA (on the Arivu, Rolling Stone controversies)

August 27, 2021


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Readers Write In #359: An impression of loss: Processing grief in popular culture

May 2, 2021


(by H Prasanna) But then, Mank isn’t really about the authorship of Kane or even a “biography” of Mank. That’s perhaps why he says, early on: “You can’t capture a man’s life in two hours. All you can hope to leave is an impression of one.” –Baradwaj Rangan, Mank review So, when a character dies, we get […]

Readers Write In #348: What I wanted to ask Rahman

March 22, 2021


(by Madan Mohan) The day I signed up for the Film Companion Front Row discussion with A R Rahman, I formulated the question I wanted to ask him.  When the discussion started, I was maybe the second guy to punch in my question in the chatbox.  But the numbers were against me from the get […]

Readers Write In #345: Enjoy Enjaami: Independent Music in the age of Farmer Protests

March 13, 2021


(by Macaulay Perapulla) No matter how intractable and frustrating the debate around Farm Laws may seem, one of the fascinating side effects of this deadlock is the resurgence of cultural identity that has been happening in the wake of farmer protests. Who would have thunk that punjabi music scene – with all its misogynist lyrics […]

Interview: Kamal Haasan (on his #coronavirus song, Kannadasan, and a lot more)

April 23, 2020


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Masakali 2.0: AR Rahman is understandably annoyed, but remakes aren’t going away anytime soon

April 9, 2020


A remix itself isn’t a sin. Sometimes, it’s about a vision, about how you see the original song. But this Tanishk Bagchi version is just pointless. A little after T-Series dropped ‘Masakali 2.0’, the world found itself considering a new adjective to describe AR Rahman: “angry”. The Sufi saint of Indian film music took to […]

Kannil Mazhai

August 1, 2018


This video is as interesting to watch as the song is to listen to. Really fascinating composition. Plus, a great example of how YouTube can take independent music forward. Vocals Performed by #SidSriram & Jananie SV Music Composed, Arranged & Produced by B Prasanna Lyrics by Subu

‘A’ for Agam

November 20, 2012


With loose locks cascading down his back and a tendency to raise a leg while pulling off vocal feats, Harish Sivaramakrishnan, the frontman of Agam, came off like he was auditioning for the part of Shiva in the film adaptation of The Immortals of Meluha. He had the attitude too. Noticing that the full house […]

Yesterday Once More

November 14, 2011


A tribute to a golden era of music was a treat for lovers of nostalgia, even if lovers of music were left wanting more. Towards the end of her tribute to the songs of Lata Mangeshkar, titled Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh, Sadhna Sargam brought in a note of self-effacement. “It’s really tough to sing her […]

Strings Attached

November 13, 2011


The Hindu Friday Review November Fest got off to a festive start to the sounds of the mandolin and the yanqing. A few days before Mandolin U. Shrinivas and Prof. Liu Yuening were to perform together at the opening concert of The Hindu Friday Review November Fest, I eavesdropped on a rehearsal. She was seated […]

Music Review: Jana Gana Mana

August 17, 2007


  JANA GANA MANA Listening to the latest effort from the team behind Vande Mataram… AUG 19, 2007 – IT SEEMS, AT FIRST, a daunting prospect that a compilation of songs would require you to stand stiff at attention through its entire duration – the album being Jana Gana Mana (conceived by Kanika Myer and […]