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Off the Topic: Enigma

May 6, 2019


Spoilers… The following post is not about movies. So, I have not been able to frequently comment here as I used to earlier. I wouldn’t comment on films earlier (and now) because I don’t frequent to theaters as much, so I would have nothing to comment on, and the enlightening discussions which I used to […]

Off the Topic: ‘The Cut’ article

December 6, 2018


This came from Rahul: OTT request : “The cut” article about PC and her wedding , and their subsequent retraction. I do not have much to say on the topic but would like to see what other people think. Its also something that probably desis of all political beliefs may band up on one side […]

Off the Topic: Sensitive Males

November 8, 2018


A lot in this article really resonated with me. Any one else — man or woman — cares to weigh in? Many people don’t have patience for a man in distress. We’re expected to pull ourselves up, lick our wounds and soldier on. I’ve always been super sensitive — the highs are high and […]

Off the Topic: Film lovers and frayed tempers?

November 4, 2018


Based on the tone of comments in the past few years, I’ve been wondering whether we’ve grown snarkier, less patient to understand, less inclined to hear someone out and have a dialogue, more likely to stick to our pre-formed opinions? None of this is a problem, as such, and I am no fool in search […]

Off the Topic: Making sci fi accesible to the masses

November 3, 2018


Dear BR, Below is a topic which I felt can be discussed on the thread. The gap between the first and second installments of Enthiran is almost a decade. A huge time frame from a technology stand point. So much has changed and developed in the area of AI,robotics, data age. While I wasnt anticipating […]

Off the Topic: Women in Sabarimala…

October 11, 2018


Honest Raj and Rahini David asked for an OTT thread on this topic, so…. PS: To those who said even the OTT threads are going way out of topic, I don’t mind that. At least, this keeps the film/review threads “pure.”

Off the Topic: #MeToo

October 10, 2018


I have a genuine (and somewhat abstract) question about all this, and let me begin by stating that I believe Chinmayee and others wrt to the Vairamuthu issue. But here’s the question I have. My “belief” is a gut feel, based on my “personal” conviction that these women are telling the truth — but it’s […]