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Readers Write In #344: My dad and Anthony Hopkins

March 10, 2021


(by Macaulay Perapulla) BR shared this wonderful interview with Anthony Hopkins ( and I misted up, reading it. I couldn’t stop thinking about my dad. He is in his “last leaf” years, waiting to leave the world. Despairing everything in his universe, he is unable to break the shell he has sternly made for himself: […]

Readers Write In #343: Greta Thunberg, Farm Laws and the Curious Case of Prahalada Déjà vu

March 4, 2021


(by Macaulay Perapulla) Hindu Mythologies have a strange onion peeling effect. At first, your eyes find it hard to tolerate them. You can apportion some blame on the poor English translations that were made by enthusiastic Indologists during the 18th century who made sure that the stories sounded like cut-and-dried moral science lessons of “good” […]

Readers Write In #342: Martin Scorsese degrades today’s Hollywood again, but it is not as bad he makes it sound

March 4, 2021


(by Alex John) Martin Scorsese’s essay on Fellini was moving, nostalgic, and solemn, and gives a wonderful account of the Great Italian filmmaker’s life, his films, and his passion for cinema. He almost had me buying what he wrote in it entirely, but I started to feel indifferent when he continued on with what he […]

Readers Write In #341: ‘Outline’ by Rachel Cusk: a delineation through dialogue

February 28, 2021


(by Kannan Baskar) Outline, a 2014 novel by Canadian born British writer Rachel Cusk, is the first book in The Outline trilogy. The story, set in Athens, is a series of conversations that the narrator has with friends, strangers, and students. The narrator Faye, a British writer visiting Greece to teach in a writing seminar, […]

Readers Write In #340: On ‘Drishyam’ and ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’

February 25, 2021


(by V Vijaysree) Every serious movie buff, who enjoyed watching the Malayalam movie Drishyam, knows that the writer-director of the film may have been inspired by the plot of The Devotion of Suspect X. The book, on which the movie was based, was written by Japanese author, Keigo Higashino. It features Detective Galileo, a fictional […]

Readers Write In #339: Bhavani (Master) is one of the greatest villains in Tamil cinema

February 19, 2021


(by Alex John) I grew up with Tamil films. Much more dramatized and expressive than the films in my tongue, they often made me feel elated and a fan of the unassuming funfair they are. Tamil cinema’s antagonists are probably the most rambunctious lot in Indian cinema. From MN Nambiar to Raghuvaran, and from Prakash […]

Readers Write In #338: Understanding Indian agriculture through Indian cinema

February 8, 2021


(by Macaulay Perapulla) Ever since I fell in love with Mahabharata, I began to discover the power of a beautiful, a rather deceptive phrase: “Puranas”. Puranas means Pura Api Navam: That which is ancient AND nascent. And as someone who works on the wicked challenge of digitizing agriculture, I became obsessed with one question: How […]

Readers Write In #337: A diary of suffering

February 6, 2021


(by G Waugh) Never in my life had I ever imagined a time would come where I would be seeking treatment for something as terrible as– a mental illness. Whenever I used to call teasingly some of my friends “loosu”, “mental” it never waswithout a derogatory connotation that makes me wince today and those words […]

Readers Write In #336: Thoughts on revisiting ‘The Man from Earth’

February 6, 2021


(by Aravind R) Once in a while, there comes a moment when you have no more new movies to watch. BR’s recommendations – all done and dusted. Rotten Tomatoes – nothing above 90% in the genre you’re in the mood to watch. In the race to watch more good movies, you avoid succumbing to the […]

Readers Write In #335: Gamestop

January 31, 2021


(by Shiva Prasad) There is significant outrage, the social media is going crazy about what GameStop thing really is? As someone who has relied heavily on investments to make my ends meet for the past two odd years, I’ll admit, even for me there was still a lot of learning I had to go through, […]

Readers Write In #334: On ‘Talaash’…of ‘The Vanished’

January 31, 2021


(by AnJo) (Spoilers on ‘The Vanished’ and ‘Talaash’) Very recently, I watched ‘The Vanished’ on Netflix and was struck by the similarities of the so-called other’s presence and importance in our lives: On how the process of ‘comprehending’ an event and wiggling out of it is so difficult for some people. There is a world […]

Readers Write In #333: Charu’s Melody

January 29, 2021


(by Kannan Baskar) Author’s note: I have been working on a story, a short story, during these COVID times. It is just amateur attempt at an art form that has largely managed to define me (the stories I have read and seen have influenced my own narrative—from ‘Charulata’ to ‘Mouna Ragam’ to ‘Metamorphosis’ to ‘Lolita’ to ‘The Great Gatsby’.  # Yerpa valley, cloaked in mist, […]

Readers Write In #332: On long takes, and The Vast of Night on Amazon Prime

January 27, 2021


(by Aravind R) It was a cold wintry night in Surat when I first fell in love with it. A senior was initiating a bunch of us – all from Kerala, accustomed to the usual Mohanlal and Mammooty fare and the occasional Padmarajan or Lohitadas – into all things awesome in music and movies, from […]

Readers Write In #331: Thappad

January 25, 2021


(by Woman in Progress) I saw just THAPPAD, the IMDB synopsis would read – its about a woman (Amrita), and how her husband (Vikram) in a fit of fury about a work related fiasco, slaps her, and how she eventually filed for divorce. So many things in the movie resonated with me. I’m feeling heavy […]

Readers Write In #330: Thalayanamanthram, on Amazon Prime, a Sharp Satire on Greed and Jealousy

January 24, 2021


(by Arun AK) Sreenivasan is regarded as one of the finest comic actors in the Malayalam film industry. His comic timing, unique expressions, mannerisms, and brilliant voice modulation, have been tickling the funny bones of the audience for more than three decades now. But behind this layer of light-hearted humour, is a very serious and […]

Readers Write In #329: ‘How HB and BR helped evolve my taste

January 19, 2021


(by Akila Narayanan) On Day 3 of the 4th Test match between India vs Australia, I was watching an ‘Extra Innings’ session anchored by Harsha Bhogle (HB) and simultaneously surfing BaradwajRangan’s(BR) blog posts. The thought that instantly struck me was how both of these gentlemen have helped evolve my taste for cricket-watching and movie-watching over […]

Readers Write In #328: Sir

January 18, 2021


(by Anuj Chakrapani) I don’t know how attentive I am when watching movies, but if I am not wrong, I have just watched an entire movie without knowing the male protagonist’s name. We know him as “Sir” throughout; he happens to be a man in his late twenties (or early thirties maybe), and lives in […]

Readers Write In #327: Bridgerton is no Jane Austen

January 18, 2021


(by Doba) Those of us who were not satisfactorily entertained by the drama at the Capitol – no offence to the fine performances of the ladies and gentlemen, there, but they were sadly lacking in sex appeal – have turned to Netflix’s period drama Bridgerton in the last few weeks. With the devastatingly handsome leads […]

Readers Write In #326: Thoughts on Master

January 17, 2021


(by S Masthan Reddy) #MasterFilm – Decided to go to this movie in theaters after they said only 50% occupancy is allowed and booked for the fourth day. Into the movie with calm ambiance, not usual for Vijay movie. The movie starts with an interesting reveal of a character, rather I would say intense. After […]

Readers Write In #325: “Fan-made” Footnotes to the Master Review by Baradwaj Rangan on Film Companion

January 14, 2021


(by H Prasanna) 1. Godard: Someone Tarantino stole from, including his production company’s name. Godard said he would like some money for that name. See Godard-isation (no. 11). 2. Hollywood “genre” thriller: Exciting 80s movies which we feel confused about now because of all the homages in Avengers. 3. the former: Trademark BR play on […]