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Bay Area Short Film Competition (with Film Companion South)

June 28, 2021


Film Companion South is proud to associate with Bay Area Fine Arts for their 3rd short film festival. Stay tuned for the films from the six finalists.

Readers Write In #367: Lockdown short film BLOOM from Madras Talkies

May 22, 2021


(by Ramesh Subramanian) For my generation, Mani Ratnam movies were the start of a new trend. Mani Rathnam was one of the few to reduce the length of the dialogues and showcase emotions and feelings visually. Many magical moments come to mind but the one that stands out is the temple scene from Thalapathi where […]

Berlinale Talents participant Tathagata Ghosh: ‘Through my films I try to freeze the rapidly changing corners of rural Bengal’

March 3, 2021

0 113 women, 84 men and 8 who preferred to not state their gender — 205 film professionals in all, from 65 countries — have been chosen for Berlinale Talents. An interview with Tathagata Ghosh from Kolkata, one of the nine Indian talents selected for the programme. Spoilers ahead… Tathagata Ghosh, director and screenwriter, gained […]

Dekel Berenson’s superb short film ‘Anna’ sheds light on the “love tours” industry in Ukraine

February 27, 2021

0 This 15-minute film is about: meat. Rather, women treated as meat, ready to be picked up by American men who want someone to cook and clean. Spoilers ahead… The first scene of Anna, a 2019 short film written and directed by Dekel Berenson, is about two people inside a meat fridge. One’s a man, a […]

Pitta Kathalu on Netflix: Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam, Nandini Reddy, Nag Ashwin and Sankalp Reddy give us a half-successful anthology

February 19, 2021

6 Two films work. Two don’t. And the standout is Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam’s ‘Ramula’, which takes big risks with form. Spoilers ahead… Ram Chander is one of the most wonderfully written idiots of Indian cinema. On the surface, he is just that: an idiot. He tells a woman he likes her because she is so […]

Alisha Tejpal’s Lata, at Sundance: “I want you to ask questions. I’m not interested in passive cinema”

January 30, 2021

1 The 22-minute short, which is in Competition, focuses on a domestic labourer in an upper-class home in Mumbai. Alisha Tejpal says, “My biggest question in Indian cinema across the decades, at least for me growing up in Mumbai, is the way domestic labour has been framed. How do I write a film about a domestic […]

Readers Write In #310: Tisca Chopra’s directorial short ‘Rubaru’ discovers the ‘Actor’ in a ‘Star’

December 7, 2020


(by Arun AK) In the world of movies, age has a dual role to play depending on with whom it is dealing. It acts as wine for an actor as he/she becomes finer and better with age. But for a ‘star’, age acts as slow poison that gradually diminishes their spark until the lights fade […]

The Discreet Charm of the Savarnas

September 30, 2020


Starting a thread for this short film, with its pointedly Buñuel-ian title. It’s produced by Pa Ranjith’s Neelam Productions and directed by Rajesh Rajamani.

Modernism by Other Means

August 29, 2020


A plug for Srikanth Srinivasan’s book: MODERNISM BY OTHER MEANS, about the filmmaker Amit Dutta. Srikanth is a deeply thoughtful commentator on cinema, and his book fills an important gap in writing about Indian cinema. I thought his book would be of interest to many readers of this blog. Link for the Kindle e-book: Link […]

Ashmita Guha Neogi’s CatDog: The only Indian film in the Cannes 2020 list

August 25, 2020


A conversation with the FTII alum, whose short film was one of 13 narrative films and four animated films chosen for Cinéfondation 2020, from 1,952 works submitted by film schools from all over the world. Spoilers ahead… CatDog is a 20-minute film about siblings — older sister, younger brother — who face imminent separation. The […]

FC South Short Film 6: Unarthal

August 15, 2020


At FC South, we showcase short films, too. Here’s the sixth one. The first one is here: The second one is here: The third one is here: The fourth one is here: The fifth one is here: For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: Synopsis:  As they say, “A […]

Readers Write In #235: Rejoinder/fan fiction/antithesis on the microshort series Mopmandai Marthandan

July 31, 2020


(by H Prasanna) The micro-series is here: Mopster Strangelove, or recontextualizing the story of an anthropomorphic mop from a human perspective Rise of the Planet of the Mops, Mop Runner, Mopey Dick, and RoboMop were the titles that ran across my mind when I started writing this. This was when the Mops had just […]

FC South Short Film 5: The ‘Mopmandai Marthandan’ micro-series

July 26, 2020


At FC South, we showcase short films, too. Here’s the fifth one. The first one is here: The second one is here: The third one is here: The fourth one is here: For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: Synopsis: What if, in a parallel universe, mops had feelings? What […]

FC South Short Film 4: Silandhi

July 18, 2020


At FC South, we showcase short films, too. Here’s the fourth one. The first one is here: The second one is here: The third one is here: For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: Synopsis: #Silandhi is a psychological neo noir film. It is always exciting to find out how money […]

Sriram Raghavan looks back at his wacky FTII diploma film, The Eight Column Affair (1987)

July 4, 2020


With Rajkumar Hirani as editor, Shiv Subramaniam as the lead and Nana Patekar in a knife-wielding cameo, this short won the National Award for Best Short Fiction Film. A conversation with the Andhadhun director about his diploma film, which explores the idea of news “coming alive” when an athlete featured on the front page of […]

Readers Write In #192: Why did you dial her, Karthik?

May 25, 2020


(by Harish S Ram) It all starts with Karthik struggling with writer’s block. As his mind longs for Jessi’s presence, his hand dials her number, hoping she would bring him out of this abyss. What should have followed is an epilogue to the original film or a prelude to a sequel. However, what I saw […]

Interview: Gautham Vasudev Menon (on Karthik Dial Seydha Yenn)

May 25, 2020


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The Amateur’s Art #48 – Dreams (Tamil, with English subs)

May 21, 2020


See here for what this series is about. Director’s note: Dilip a paper boy of twelve wants to meet Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Kalam Sir accepts his invite to attend his school annual day event. What happens then is the rest of the story.

Readers Write In #186: Karthik Yenn Dial Seytha?

May 21, 2020


(by Hariharasudhen Nagarajan) A Gautham Menon film receiving negative reviews has become increasingly common in recent years. Unaffected by brickbats and coronavirus, he takes up the daunting task of continuing to trace the lives of two of his iconic characters in his film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. I am wary of sequels or any sort of follow-up […]

Karthik Dial Seydha Yenn: Gautham Vasudev Menon, STR and Trisha give us a lovely reunion, with a pinch of pain

May 21, 2020


A reflection on the 12-odd minutes spent with the characters that continue to haunt us, even after ten years. Many spoilers ahead, so make sure you see the film first. Spoilers ahead… How interesting that Trisha’s two most memorable films — and her two most memorable performances — have been stories about unrequited love. There […]