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Readers Write In #407: Emma Raducanu the ultimate fairytale tennis story

September 14, 2021


(by Madan Mohan) Emma Raducanu made history at the US Open on Saturday as the first ever qualifier to win a Grand Slam title. The US Open was also the second Grand Slam she had ever entered, beating Monica Seles’ record (on the women’s side) of winning a slam title in the fourth one that […]

Readers Write In #369: Saina and what do we really want from sports films?

May 26, 2021


(by Madan) Saina, the biopic about Saina Nehwal, has attracted criticism for following the Bollywood playbook on sports films to a T.  The question is, though, what is a sports film supposed to be about? Is there an argument to be made that some critics expect something that sports films by their very nature cannot deliver? I […]

Readers Write In #329: ‘How HB and BR helped evolve my taste

January 19, 2021


(by Akila Narayanan) On Day 3 of the 4th Test match between India vs Australia, I was watching an ‘Extra Innings’ session anchored by Harsha Bhogle (HB) and simultaneously surfing BaradwajRangan’s(BR) blog posts. The thought that instantly struck me was how both of these gentlemen have helped evolve my taste for cricket-watching and movie-watching over […]

Readers Write In #281: A tale of two GOATs

October 16, 2020


(by Nathan Vens) This Sunday was a super Sunday for a sportsfan. Just like that other super surreal Sunday last summer. For whatever reason I take pride in sporting accomplishments that aren’t mine. I also take pride that man has been able to go to the moon, and I will do so again when she […]

Interview: (IPL Special) R Ashwin on cinema

October 4, 2020


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Interview: (IPL Special) Dinesh Karthik on cinema

September 17, 2020


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Readers Write In #260: MS Dhoni – The Stoic

September 4, 2020


(by Sanjay NM) Sportsmen are a blessed bunch. The adulation and attention that brings riches to them makes people from other professions look at them with envy. While a person working a desk job might not possess skills that an elite athlete has, it is natural for any human to crave for love and validation. […]

Readers Write In #254: Sachin and Dhoni – The Generations

August 28, 2020


(by G Waugh) When MS Dhoni came out to bat in the early 2000s, he was one of a kind. He could hit any ball onto the stands and you could see why bowlers were afraid to bowl to him. It was the same kind of fear that Virender Sehwag inspired among the opposition in […]

Readers Write In #215: A fan’s unusual lament

July 2, 2020


(by G Waugh) When I saw Rahul Dravid for the first time, it was in a match held at Sharjah probably in 1998. My first impression was that he had a ‘compact’ name – the name did not end with a consonant as most Indian names do (was a ‘compact’ name according to a 13-year […]

Readers Write In #86: Fedal – An immortal rivalry

July 11, 2019


(by Vivek MV ) Rafael Nadal was one set up and the second set was going on serves. At 4-4, millions of Roger Federer fans across the globe knew where this was heading. A glimmer of hope was all they had. “Let’s watch something else,” my boss, a Federer fan, declared at work. “Federer is […]

Readers Write In #29: Borg-McEnroe movie explores the torment of obsessive perfectionism

December 15, 2017


The new film on the Bjorn Borg-John McEnroe rivalry (new in India, released a few months earlier abroad), named baldly after their last names, has received a somewhat mixed if overall positive reception.  The common complaint seems to be that the film devotes too much time to Borg and too little to McEnroe.  One review […]

Readers Write In #11: The World Cup that wasn’t

March 23, 2017


India Won! The entire country won! The 11 men on whom hopes of 1.2 Billion people rested made the nation proud. A billion dreams, as someone wrongly said it, was made into reality. People were happy, which is good. However, I have just one problem with it. It seems to me that pride and nationalism […]

From Love Marriage to Dhoni

October 3, 2016


A short history of cricket in Hindi cinema. Take the topic of cricket in Hindi cinema and the temptation to concoct a quiz is irresistible. For instance, name the actors who played father and daughter in two films featuring the game. That would be Naseeruddin Shah and Urmila Matondkar, inMasoom and Chamatkar.Which is the first […]

The five-ringed circus

August 10, 2016


Do you find it odd that every four years, we sit in front of the television and watch someone be declared the world’s best at… javelin-throwing? I can understand the allure of the sport before, say, the invention of guns. Had television existed a millennium ago, it’s not hard to imagine Native American tribes setting […]

In her shoes

July 23, 2016


A breathless, fascinating account of a woman who keeps hurling herself into gruelling tests of endurance. As someone who goes to bed praying the morning papers will publish findings that pizza is good for weight loss, two questions popped up when I read Anywhere but Home: Adventures in Endurance, written by Anu Vaidyanathan, “the first […]

In search of Kryptonite

June 8, 2016


Looking back at those two games in the fourth and final set of the French Open, when it seemed Superman might be invincible after all. There was a point during the French Open when I discovered how badly I wanted Andy Murray to win. I wasn’t rooting for him when he won the first set. […]

A star in a strange role

April 27, 2016


Salman Khan is in the middle of another Olympic-sized controversy. But why is he in it in the first place? Is Salman Khan qualified to be Goodwill Ambassador of the Indian contingent at the 2016 Rio Olympics? His father Salim Khan certainly seems to think so. In a tweet battle with Milkha Singh, who objected […]

Tennis lessons

September 8, 2015


So we’ve reached a point where a player who’s won 14 Grand Slam titles (at least one on each surface), amassed over $70 million in prize money, and has a million other super-statistics that you only have to Google up his name to find, all before turning 30, is beginning to be written off as […]

Twists and turns

June 13, 2015


Baradwaj Rangan drops in at the Rubik’s Cube Indian National Championships and discovers a quirky, super-smart subculture. Naren Ramesh isn’t the kind of person you’d expect to encounter at the Indian Nationals 2015, the competition otherwise known as 2015 Rubik’s Cube Indian National Championships. For one, he’s 10, a small, scrawny kid with a red […]

The supreme court

June 14, 2014


Is there another sport as epic, as dramatic as tennis? A couple of weeks ago, as I was walking on the footpath, I came in front of a ladder that was propped against one of the stores on the side. A man standing on one of the upper rungs was painting over some existing signage, […]