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  1. You mean the link above? I went through it a bit, though I guess I had far more time to idle-browse and idle-debate when I was actually employed by someone else and was wasting their time. :-)


  2. “though I guess I had far more time to idle-browse and idle-debate when I was actually employed by someone else and was wasting their time.”

    Sorry to unnecessarily prolong the comments section of a post that’s not actually one, but this one is so precisely put. Touché! enga life history ‘yavE reNdu vArththaila soltInga sir.


  3. hi,sir,i am From Hyderabad, i read your Articles on films,in indian express.i want to see scince fiction films, i like very much of scince fiction,because i strongly belive our NextBirth(Rebirth) is also in other planets,other galaxies,;where that planet Aliens live without polution,(they not use petrol,desil;they use solar energy) in that planets Aliens are looking so beautiful compare to us; God creates notonly our Dirty planets,he also created Good world’s for who people doing Good karma at present life; sir please send your response to me ,thank u.


  4. Hi,
    One of the idle browsing/idle debating members from Mayyam/Hub despite being employed by myself :)

    Got to know that you are ‘In discussion’with THE Kamal Hassan on 20th at landmark.

    Would be interested in seeing a complete video of the same.Kindly oblige.


  5. Why haven’t you reviewed Paan Singh Tomar? I’m curious to see your comments, though i myself hv liked the film.


  6. Dear Baradwaj Rangan,

    I don’t know if this the the right place to ask this question, i haven’t found any other section in your website to post a general question.

    Most of the reviews you write are about Hindi, English and Tamil films. But there are really wonderful films made across the world every year, for example last year alone there were many beautiful films got made like: Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (Turkey) Elena (Russia) Pina (Germany) Turin Horse (Hungary)etc. Why are you not writing about it and introducing these gems to the large no of people who read your reviews?

    I am asking this from a deep feeling that we are loosing the finer taste of appreciating great cinema, and moved into an age of celebrating mediocrity. i sincerely wish critics like you could make a difference if you write about great films made in rest of the world. Cinema is alive and kicking beyond Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood……people should know about it.



  7. Hi,

    We’re interested in advertising on your blog / website. Let me know if you’re interested in discussing further about it.


    Amandeep singh


  8. Just finished reading your book, it was a great pleasure especially the Iruvar part was fantastic (It’s my favorite film of Mani Ratnam). I am very glad you did this. My heartiest thanks/wishes to you.
    I have some questions to ask, since you are also a screen writer, I thought of posting this question-
    When you were asking Mani about the screenwriting, he said ‘His screenplay will be more structured where as Hasini’s will be free flowing’. What is the basic difference we see here?
    Can a screenplay be structure as Mani said? Just want to know about the nuances of screenwriting. It will be great if I get chance to meet you in person.
    Note: I got the autographed copy of your book at Cognizant.


  9. Hi Sir,

    Was interested in interviewing you for a short documentary film. Please let me know the right time and method to contact regarding the same. Have sent you a mail as well.

    Thank you,
    Ishita Samaddar


  10. Hello,

    Have been following and enjoying your reviews for a while now, one thing I miss in reviews though is “some info” that lets me know If i can take the 8 year old along – or should I settle down to thinking that I can no longer take a child to tamil movies any more :) Actually we have done ok with very few movies – Sivaji was one of the good ones I can remember….we did not take him to Endhiran obviously and we did fine with NKPK more recently…. and he must have watched Ra.One on television I dont know how many times…180 did not go too well with that “death guy” showing up with all that sinister music!! and honestly thats all the tamil movies we have watched together in the last few years I guess!!

    All in all would be wonderful if you can incorporate a child friendliness index of sorts!! Its time somebody did that – pls!

    btw as an aside – I tried to look up “corporealise” and got to corporeal – still am curious about its origins?


  11. yes Rahini, but so is the entire review process!! isnt it? If I trust a review to give me an idea about a movie I guess I can consider the same with some pointers on whether its appropriate to take a child along? Right now I ask around, check with friends and look at trailers…..and then decide not to go with children mostly!!!! The current motion picture rating system followed in India(U, UA, A and S) is too broad, some countries have a age band based rating with far more categories like suitable for 4 – 6 or less than 8 etc, which I think would be the best!


  12. Just read BR your review of Arrambam in this morn’s TOI. First, I enjoy reading your columns. Two, you have a sense of humor. And three, at times you can gush. All of which as a reader I so look forward to. Coz to me your passion for cinema and writing what you think about movies you watched comes through. But this morning, you didn’t come across as genuine. you sound fake and wishy-washy. Gimme a break BR! You know it too. The movie is crap. The characterisation pathetic. The songs, sad. The plot with any stretch of imagination still is ill conceived, unbelievable and stupid. Yes, ajit with his paunch, weight, baggy clothes and slow motion shots still comes across as hero material. There is no denying there. But please, as a reviewer it is expected of you by fans of yours (like me for instance) to say it as it is.and not lick ass. Don’t sugar coat the truth-it’s a pathetic movie.and thank god for ajit in it. If not ,someone like you would not have even bothered to write about it. Admit it.


  13. i’m still waiting for the review for the movie “Rush” based on 1976 formula season. I really enjoyed this movie,and very eager to know the review from you


  14. Hi BR..

    Not sure if this is the right section to raise this request, but didn’t know where else to put it…

    There was your article on your blog some time back, (am trying to remember exactly which one), wherein you had mentioned how you found the stereotyping in Mr & Mrs Iyer quite appalling. Was curious about what parts you found objectionable, coz IMHO, the portrayals were fairly authentic and weren’t offensive or derogatory.

    I actually liked the film, I have seen several movies with horrendously mangled portrayals of Tam Brahms–Prithviraj in Kannamoochi Yenada springs to mind here–but somehow I never felt Mr & Mrs Iyer was a stereotypical portrayal. Look forward to hearing more from you on this, when you have the time.

    Another request was related to your fabulous book review of Dan Brown’s Inferno. One of the best and most entertaining book reviews I’ve ever read. Have you reviewed Amish Tripathi’s Oath of The Vayuputras outside of your blog? Please do provide a link if so, and if not, what was your take on this novel? Please do tell ;-)



  15. P.S–To add to my above request, would also like to read your take on ‘House of Flying Daggers’. Have you seen the movie and reviewed it outside of this blog?


  16. @ BR– I keep referring back to this section in the hope you might have found the time to reply to a couple of my requests for reviews/ more details on one of your comments. Disappointed so far…. :-(

    Would really like to know your take on the above films/ books, when time permits, that is…



  17. Waiting for ur review on nimirnthu nil.. I watched it.. frst haf was really enthralling.. kani’s Dialogues were a firebrand as usual.. dat was d nly plus of d muvie.. come secnd haf movie strts gng dwnhill.. agn needless sngs nd crude item numbr spoil d pace.. luks lik kani lost d plot afta intrvl.. gopinath nd ravi outstanding performance.. teme wt u feel


  18. It would be nice to read book reviews of yours, if you ever plan on those it would be really nice to read ,though not the Hunger games/Harry Potter variety since I tend to agree with
    Ruth Graham


  19. Mr.Rangan, Reading your columns. On the latest on choreagraphy you have mentioned Vaijayanthi Mala in passing. May be the period is old, but the art is timeless. Can anything match Madhumathi’s Zulume chang auk ladi or the truly folk Thaiyyare Thaiyyare Bichua. Look how every dancer performs in complete sync and that is choreagraphy for you. How did they envision such a classic. Bimal Roy , Salil Chowdhry and the entire team created a master piece. Will you please write a separate column on Madhumathi with Vaijayanthi Mala madam.

    (0n your food columns, You came close but left out the Azhagar Kovil Dosai prasadam).

    We love your writing.

    Would be delighted to have your response


  20. BR how come in your Puli review (The Hindu) there was no mention about Vijay’s acting skills (which doesn’t exist) and how out of place he was looking in a fantasy movie. I expected your review to be brutal but it was sort of disappointing (taking into account how bad the movie was).

    BTW the Sridevi trivia definitely one for actresses in Indian cinema.


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