Lights, Camera, Conversation… “ ‘Impure’ Tamilians? ”

The reviews for the Tamil film ‘Madras’ suggest that most English-language writers are divorced from a certain kind of reality. Pa Ranjith’s Madras is the work of a good, thoughtful filmmaker. It’s a supremely well-made film, but not especially well-written. The narrative superstructure is derivative, and Ranjith doesn’t do enough to make his film different. […]

“Yaan”… All icing, no cake

Spoilers ahead… You’d think a big budget would automatically make for a better movie – imagine the freedoms of a director who can do anything he wants. He can afford the best writers, the best technicians, the best locations… Why, then, do so many big movies end up so lacking, so unmemorable? Ravi K Chandran […]