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“Carbon”… A strange, fascinating, allegorical drama with a rich performance by Fahadh Faasil

January 22, 2018


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: Venu’s Carbon begins with Hydrogen and Oxygen: water, in other words. The credits appear over big, fat drops of what seems like rain. But where are we? Inside a car, watching a downpour through the windshield? Inside a house, perhaps, near a window? This […]

Readers Write In #31: Parvathy and the Mammookka trolls

January 19, 2018


It all first began when a Malayalam actress was abducted and assaulted in her own car. Women in Malayalam cinema came together after this, and formed a group called Women in Cinema Collective (WCC). They began speaking out against a topic that was largely unspoken about until then : sexism in the Malayalam film industry. […]

Interview: Jayasurya

January 9, 2018


Straight out of the huge success of his biggest hit in his career so far – Aadu 2 which is still running to packed houses, Jayasurya talks about how the team arrived at a decision to make a sequel to a film which was a theatrical flop. In a career spanning more than 15 years, […]

“Eeda”… An impressively distinct take on the world’s most well-known romance

January 9, 2018


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: Eeda (Here) is being sold as an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but the most defining scenes have little to do with star-crossed lovers. Take the stretch where Kannur boy Anand (Shane Nigam), who now works in an insurance firm in Mysore, […]

Happy new year

January 4, 2018


Read the full article on Film Companion, here: These are our pick of songs for the occasion from across south India. What are yours?? For the first column of 2018, I decided to do something simple: pick one song from Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam that celebrates the new year (or at least, contains […]

“Vimaanam”… An underwhelming melodrama about a man who wants to fly

December 27, 2017


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: Vibhu Puri’s 2015 drama, Hawaizaada, posited that a Maharashtrian took to the skies before the Wright brothers did.  Earlier this year, Srikant Murali’s Aby told the story of a boy from Kerala whose only dream was to fly. Now, Pradeep M Nair comes up […]

“Mayaanadhi”… A beautifully realised love story between a complicated woman and a simple man

December 26, 2017


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: In Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless, a young criminal kills a cop, flees, falls in love, dreams of a future in a different country, and discovers that life has a way of messing up your plans. Each of these beats is referenced to some degree in […]

A reliably unreliable narrator

November 23, 2017


Read the full article on Film Companion, here: A look back at a scene from Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s ‘Anantaram’, which turned thirty this year. About the genesis of Anantaram (Thereafter), Adoor Gopalakrishnan had this to say: “When my wife was pregnant with our daughter, she came back from the hospital and told me this story […]

Star struck

November 16, 2017


Read the full article on Film Companion, here: Should star ratings (terrible as they are) be absolute or relative? Let’s discuss. After I finished writing the review of Villain, a little more than a week ago, I felt a twinge of conscience. It was time for me to give the star rating, the most […]

“Villain”… Yet another thriller that mistakes surface coolth for depth

November 9, 2017


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: In B Unnikrishnan’s Villain, Mohanlal — playing Additional Director General of Police, Mathew Manjooran — sports a salt-and-pepper beard, and looks positively professorial. He quotes Lady Macbeth (“all the perfumes of Arabia…”) when reflecting on how unnatural an act murder is, and adds, “I […]

Interview: John Edathattil, the screenwriter of Guna

November 6, 2017


We’re starting a series called ‘One Film, One Facet,” where we speak to ONE person responsible for ONE facet of ONE  film. We begin with Guna, and the facet is screenwriting. John Edathattil (credited, sometimes, as Sab John) is the screenwriter of Guna (1991). In this video, he talks about writing a script based on […]

A tribute to IV Sasi

October 25, 2017


MANK wrote a tribute to IV Sasi, for Film Companion. Thanks, MANK, for such a quick turnaround. Read the full article on Film Companion, here: WWith the passing of I.V. Sasi, we have lost the most prolific and perhaps the most eclectic film director this country has ever produced. In a career spanning almost […]

Interview: Dulquer Salmaan / Rajkummar Rao

October 25, 2017


At the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival With Star 2017, I interviewed — before a live audience (which explains the audio/video) — two young actors that the session called “out big hopes.” Here’s the video: Copyright ©2017 Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival With Star.

“Solo”… A quartet of stories that has its moments, but not enough to conceal its flaws

October 5, 2017


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: Bejoy Nambiar’s Solo is an anthology of four shorts, anchored by Dulquer Salmaan in four flavours (had the actor been a newcomer, this would have been a heck of a showreel). There are other commonalities. Each segment spans four years. Each one features Dulquer […]

“Ramaleela”… An okayish, inadvertently meta political thriller that blurs the line between reel and real

October 3, 2017


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: Arun Gopy’s Ramaleela (Rama’s Play) was conceived and completed before its leading man, Dileep, was arrested for plotting the kidnap and assault of an actress — so what we see on screen is not intentionally meta. But meta it certainly is. How can you […]

Interview: Santosh Sivan

September 26, 2017


Coming on Thursday. My chat with Santosh Sivan. For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: QUOTES FROM THE INTERVIEW “I like big films… You are in the midst of mass people.” “I don’t need to do much to make Mahesh Babu look good.” “Thuppakki was the first time we used digital cameras.” “With Thalapathy, […]

“Parava”… A movie with a lot of heart, but marred by two conflicting narratives

September 26, 2017


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: How do you steal a fish from someone’s house and bring it back to yours, with no equipment but a pair of bicycles? Soubin Shahir’s Parava (Bird) – written by Shahir and Muneer Ali – opens with the answer, and during this stretch, cinematographer […]

Interview: Prithiviraj

September 21, 2017


This interview is our first in Malayalam cinema, done by our correspondent Vivek Ranjit. For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: Copyright ©2017 Film Companion.

Film Companion – South

September 8, 2017


So this is a plug for Film Companion South. Earlier, all videos from this part of the country were uploaded on the Film Companion YouTube page. Now, we’ve decided to have a separate page for the interviews in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam (have you seen the Prithviraj interview yet?). Do subscribe and spread the […]

“Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela”… A warm, wholesome, funny movie about an unexpectedly tragic subject

September 7, 2017


Spoilers ahead… Read the full review on Film Companion, here: Consider the eighty-year-old patriarch (KL Anthony) of the Chacko clan in Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela (An Interval in the Land of Crabs). His memory is shot. (He wants to invite Rose for a party, and she’s been dead twenty years.) He needs constant supervision, which […]