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Sound designer Kunal Rajan on the debate around the sound of ‘Ponniyin Selvan: Part 1’

October 3, 2022


Dear Exhibitors, Film Technicians and Cinema lovers, I want to write a note to give everyone my opinion on the Ponniyin Selvan Sound Mix debate. Let me start by congratulating the PS1 team on an enormous success. I also want to congratulate the sound team on an excellent job. Such detailed, sophisticated and classy sound […]

Readers Write In #473: Great Movies: What are they? An essay focusing on ‘Sarpatta Parambarai’, ‘Iruvar’ and ‘Kadaisi Vivasayi’

August 4, 2022


By Aadithya Kiran Is there any one single element in screenwriting that, if treated properly, can transcend a mediocre script into a great one? Do great movies have any definable characteristics? Is the adjective GREAT so malleable that it can be used on any film simply based on our tastes and personal experiences? Watching and […]

Does anyone watch films anymore?

July 22, 2022


I just had this thought, this morning. Over here, there is a lot of discussion around cinema, but so many reviews – unless they are of big films – barely get comments about the film in question. Is it because the particular set of commenters that frequent the blog now do not watch films? Or […]

We did a YouTube Live for a small landmark: 50k subscribers.

May 19, 2022


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Readers Write In #396: Streaming my Consciousness

August 18, 2021


(by Anonymous) The following are some random questions that I have had for so long. Pardon me if I am not very coherent here, because for all I care about now, is getting all these questions out in some form of articulate manner, which conveys the intent behind all of this questioning. Let us start […]

Wokeness and art

June 5, 2021


QUOTE: “But what songwriter could have predicted thirty years ago that the future would lose its sense of humour, its sense of playfulness, its sense of context, nuance and irony, and fall into the hands of a perpetually pissed off coterie of pearl-clutchers? How were we to know?” The original article is here: Nick […]

Martin Scorsese’s recent essay on Federico Fellini makes a very important point about what cinema is

February 22, 2021

5 When you see certain films, you sense the presence of a director. And to me, that is the crux of defining “cinema”: whether it’s been made by a “director”. Spoilers ahead… Given his essays for mainstream publications, Martin Scorsese hasn’t been a happy man for a while. In 2019, in the New York Times, […]

Eighteen years, and counting…

January 30, 2021


Read the full article on Film Companion, here: In which I look back at the time I started out as a film critic, what it’s like now, and a few things in between. On January 30, 2003, my first review was published – that makes it 15 years this week. The film was Dum, […]

Readers Write In #329: ‘How HB and BR helped evolve my taste

January 19, 2021


(by Akila Narayanan) On Day 3 of the 4th Test match between India vs Australia, I was watching an ‘Extra Innings’ session anchored by Harsha Bhogle (HB) and simultaneously surfing BaradwajRangan’s(BR) blog posts. The thought that instantly struck me was how both of these gentlemen have helped evolve my taste for cricket-watching and movie-watching over […]

Eros theatre memories: Movie-going in another era

December 18, 2020


I received this on Whatsapp. It’s so brilliantly written, so evocative that I wanted to preserve this piece. (Plus, I was a frequenter of Eros theatre myself, and this write-up brought back so many memories — not necessarily of the films mentioned here, but of how movie-going used to be way back then.) Publishing with […]

PVR 2.0: The new normal in theatre-going

November 9, 2020


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Readers Write In #291: Learning Cinema by watching Roma

October 31, 2020


(by Shiva Prasad) Whether we like it or not, our lives are moulded by society. Few things are in our control, while most things are most definitely not. We are a tiny part of a bigger scheme of things. Things are not designed to always go our way in this extremely complex system of coexistence. […]

My ‘Let’s Talk Art’ conversation with the folks of Bangalore Little Theatre

October 20, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: A freewheeling discussion — part of the Let’s Talk Art series to commemorate Bangalore Little Theatre’s Diamond Jubilee. Copyright ©2020 Bangalore Little Theatre Bangalore.

My ‘kutty story’ interview on Littleshows

October 9, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH:”Kutty Story” – A special showcase of talents, to portray the few who have excelled in the field with their ever unique presence – a venture into their life and inception of their goals in the form of a “Kutty Story – an interview series”, documenting their journey […]

My interview on therewillbetime (by Anirban B)

October 1, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: You can go to any kind of journalism or mass-communication program you want to, but they can only teach you the tools and how to hone your craft. The basic urge should be there within you. I strongly believe that for any form of art, writing or […]

Is what I do ‘worth it’?

September 27, 2020


As a writer, you always think the work you do is less “important” than what a doctor or scientist or environmentalist or social activist or does. It isn’t. But sometimes, you get a letter that makes you re-evaluate your profession a bit, just a bit. This is one of those letters, and I’m printing with […]

Readers Write In #275: Friends of Vishnupuram meet Mani Ratnam

September 26, 2020


(by Eswar) On 27th September 2020, the friends of Vishnupuram will meet director Mani Ratnam for an online conversation. On this occasion, here is a brief note on the relationship between readers and writers and how two blogs are keeping an old tradition alive today. Tamil literary tradition has always fostered a particular relationship. A […]

Bitty Ruminations 91 – The erasure of (film) history

September 17, 2020


There are two reasons for writing this. One is awkshwayrd’s comment on the SADAK 2 thread, in response to my comment about Mahesh Bhatt: @brangan: There is a masterclass from you buried in the comments here. I’d never heard of any of these movies (MANZILEIN AUR BHI HAIN? AWAARGI? SAATHI?) and I’m a 80’s kid […]

My interview on The Red Sparrow

September 5, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: “As the name suggests, Untangled shall aim at untangling all the bits and pieces that go into the making of an artist and the human behind the artist. The show is divided into three sections – Inception, Assembly Line and Harvest. Untangled chats with the National Award […]

Readers Write In #252: Respecting and understanding a genre

August 27, 2020


(by G Waugh) One thing I get reminded of when I see films like Notting Hill or a few romcoms like When Harry Met Sally,is that whenever Hollywood picks a genre to make a movie out of, however ordinary or common the genre is regarded generally, they do it with, utter seriousness. In other words, […]