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My interview on The Red Sparrow

September 5, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: “As the name suggests, Untangled shall aim at untangling all the bits and pieces that go into the making of an artist and the human behind the artist. The show is divided into three sections – Inception, Assembly Line and Harvest. Untangled chats with the National Award […]

My chat on Deccan Herald podcast

August 21, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: Here is an excerpt: Vivek M V: Hello sir, welcome to the show Bharadwaj Rangan: Thank you Vivek, thank you so much. Vivek: I want to start off with a quote. Steven Spielberg once said that “whenever I go to a movie, it’s magic!”  No matter […]

My chat on Butter Biscuit podcast

August 15, 2020


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My interview on Aashik Gopinath Bryan

July 28, 2020


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Film Companion content creators read your (mean) comments

July 26, 2020


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My interview on Aaraichi Mani

July 25, 2020


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My interview on Mojito Later

July 19, 2020


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My interview on Nexus Consulting

July 18, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: “Welcome to Episode II of Nexus Consulting’s The Road Less Taken, where our CEO, Venky Srinivasan, is in conversation with one of India’s most well known movie critics: Baradwaj Rangan. BR went from being an engineer to an ad man to a movie critic, a journey like […]

My interview on South Talkies

July 17, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: “In part 1 of an extended interview with #BaradwajRangan, we talk about how someone considered to be a misfit in Tamil cinema made it big, the democratization of movie reviews, influence of social media in a movie’s performance and the process that goes into his reviews and […]

In these COVID times, the mind has begun to seek lighter fare over heavy-duty, “difficult” cinema

July 4, 2020


The pandemic has made us seek optimism and joy, which is not usually a quality you find with “difficult” films. When life has become The Seventh Seal, with many of us playing games with Death each time we step out, the last thing we may want is more gloom and doom on screen. Sight & […]

Podcast on NAYAKAN for ‘Love of Cinema’

June 21, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: LOVE OF CINEMA invited me to chat about NAYAKAN… Here’s the link! Copyright ©2020 Love Of Cinema.

Hemant Kumar: On his birth centenary, a musical flashback

June 16, 2020


Recalling some of the composer-singer’s music, from the sombre Guru Dutt films to Girl Friend, which had ‘Boom booma boom’. When it comes to films, we may admire the choices an actor makes, but there’s always a doubt: Is this great bit of dialogue delivery the actor’s own choice, or did the director prompt him […]

250k subscribers

June 5, 2020


250k subscribers for Film Companion South. A big deal for a small team. Thank you SO much. Copyright ©2020 Film Companion.

Indiaglitz interviews me…

June 5, 2020


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The Cannes 2020 lineup is here, and Wes Anderson is the sole“star director”

June 4, 2020


High-profile directors matter at film festivals, because here, they are the real stars. Because they have oeuvres we already know, and the excitement is about ‘what next’! The first foreign film I watched on a big screen — that is, apart from  the rare ones Doordarshan used to screen at night — is Federico Fellini’s […]

Readers Write In #195: My journey to Indian cinema and this blog

May 26, 2020


(by Hakimo Brahim Belaout) If you happen to mention something about Indian cinema while you are in Algeria the most obvious response would be ” Janitou “. A term that literally has no meaning is actually a mispronounced and wrongly written abbreviation of “ Jaane Tu “. If you demand a clearer hint or explication […]

Devi Complex turns 50: Here’s to theatre love, which is different from movie love

May 25, 2020


The theatre right at the top was Devi Paradise, with that winding walkway. While coming down, you’d feel like you were in an anti-gravity amusement park ride. When the 23C bus began its ascent on the Gemini flyover, it was time to close the book I was reading, get up from my seat and walk […]

Readers Write In #169: One memory for eternity?

May 5, 2020


(by Anu Warrier) It was reading BR’s write-up about After Life that started this train of thought. If I were to have to choose one happy memory for all eternity, what would I choose? Out of the hundreds of memories, stored haphazardly in the treasure chest of my mind, what’s the one memory that would […]

Readers Write In #163: ‘Varane Avashyamund’ has helped keep homesickness at bay

April 27, 2020


(by Athreya Shankar) You always feel a special connection with a movie that is shot in your locality- the place you grew up in, the place you associate with happy memories of a bygone past, where you wish you could return at the snap of a finger, but for whatever reason, has now become a […]

Readers Write In #154: To stay in one place or to keep moving: Lessons from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013)

April 10, 2020


(by Harish Prakash) Amid lockdown, shut inside our houses, it is probably not surprising that some of us are contemplating our career choices and how we used to go about our lives before a virus decided to show up uninvited. Some of those thoughts interrupted me when I was watching Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013)streaming […]