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Readers Write In #304: Of radios and cigarette smoke

November 18, 2020


(by Anu Warrier) “Lying in bed with the radio on Moonlight falls like rain Soft summer nights spent thinking of you When will I see you again?” So sang England Dan and John Ford Coley in Nights are forever without you. I grew up at a time when a radio had pride of place in […]

Readers Write In #289: Aims, a Memoir

October 24, 2020


(by G Waugh) Born into a middle class family that subsisted on a single income, there was only one purpose for which I was thrust into education- ‘settling’ in life. ‘Settling’ meant only one thing- getting a well-paid job, marrying and having kids. After slogging for over four years in an area where I was […]

My ‘Let’s Talk Art’ conversation with the folks of Bangalore Little Theatre

October 20, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: A freewheeling discussion — part of the Let’s Talk Art series to commemorate Bangalore Little Theatre’s Diamond Jubilee. Copyright ©2020 Bangalore Little Theatre Bangalore.

My ‘kutty story’ interview on Littleshows

October 9, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH:”Kutty Story” – A special showcase of talents, to portray the few who have excelled in the field with their ever unique presence – a venture into their life and inception of their goals in the form of a “Kutty Story – an interview series”, documenting their journey […]

My interview on therewillbetime (by Anirban B)

October 1, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: You can go to any kind of journalism or mass-communication program you want to, but they can only teach you the tools and how to hone your craft. The basic urge should be there within you. I strongly believe that for any form of art, writing or […]

Mid-life blues

September 29, 2020


That earlier post about “Is what I do worth it?” made me wonder if there are others who have thoughts — from time to time — about the work that they do, and how they manage to keep chugging through the routine. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I have a job I love doing […]

Is what I do ‘worth it’?

September 27, 2020


As a writer, you always think the work you do is less “important” than what a doctor or scientist or environmentalist or social activist or does. It isn’t. But sometimes, you get a letter that makes you re-evaluate your profession a bit, just a bit. This is one of those letters, and I’m printing with […]

My interview on The Red Sparrow

September 5, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: “As the name suggests, Untangled shall aim at untangling all the bits and pieces that go into the making of an artist and the human behind the artist. The show is divided into three sections – Inception, Assembly Line and Harvest. Untangled chats with the National Award […]

My chat on Deccan Herald podcast

August 21, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: Here is an excerpt: Vivek M V: Hello sir, welcome to the show Bharadwaj Rangan: Thank you Vivek, thank you so much. Vivek: I want to start off with a quote. Steven Spielberg once said that “whenever I go to a movie, it’s magic!”  No matter […]

My chat on Butter Biscuit podcast

August 15, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: Copyright ©2020 Butter Biscuit

My interview on Aashik Gopinath Bryan

July 28, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: Copyright ©2020 Aashik Gopinath Bryan

Film Companion content creators read your (mean) comments

July 26, 2020


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My interview on Aaraichi Mani

July 25, 2020


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My interview on Mojito Later

July 19, 2020


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My interview on Nexus Consulting

July 18, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: “Welcome to Episode II of Nexus Consulting’s The Road Less Taken, where our CEO, Venky Srinivasan, is in conversation with one of India’s most well known movie critics: Baradwaj Rangan. BR went from being an engineer to an ad man to a movie critic, a journey like […]

My interview on South Talkies

July 17, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: “In part 1 of an extended interview with #BaradwajRangan, we talk about how someone considered to be a misfit in Tamil cinema made it big, the democratization of movie reviews, influence of social media in a movie’s performance and the process that goes into his reviews and […]

In these COVID times, the mind has begun to seek lighter fare over heavy-duty, “difficult” cinema

July 4, 2020


The pandemic has made us seek optimism and joy, which is not usually a quality you find with “difficult” films. When life has become The Seventh Seal, with many of us playing games with Death each time we step out, the last thing we may want is more gloom and doom on screen. Sight & […]

Podcast on NAYAKAN for ‘Love of Cinema’

June 21, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: LOVE OF CINEMA invited me to chat about NAYAKAN… Here’s the link! Copyright ©2020 Love Of Cinema.

Hemant Kumar: On his birth centenary, a musical flashback

June 16, 2020


Recalling some of the composer-singer’s music, from the sombre Guru Dutt films to Girl Friend, which had ‘Boom booma boom’. When it comes to films, we may admire the choices an actor makes, but there’s always a doubt: Is this great bit of dialogue delivery the actor’s own choice, or did the director prompt him […]

250k subscribers

June 5, 2020


250k subscribers for Film Companion South. A big deal for a small team. Thank you SO much. Copyright ©2020 Film Companion.