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My two-part interview by Raunaq Mangottil (on nostalgia, Nayagan, theaters, reading, screenwriting & train journeys)

June 11, 2021


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Readers Write In #368: My VBAC story

May 26, 2021


(by Kay) Warning: VBAC is the acronym for Vaginal Delivery After Caesarean. True to the title, this post  is about my vaginal delivery and is graphic at some places. It’s almost 22 months since I delivered my baby and it still feels surreal.  I had my first baby in 2014. I had gone for a regular […]

Readers Write In #362: Women, a memoir

May 14, 2021


(by G Waugh) “She wasn’t doing a thing that I could see, except standing there, leaning on the balcony railing, holding the universe together”                                                                                                                                     -J.D. Salinger I am a male and I am 32 years old. My earliest memories of my association with women date back to the earliest phases of my boyhood- the […]

10 favourite Carnatic songs

March 31, 2021


Kaa vaa vaa: The pleading in this song kills me every single time, especially after reading Kala Krishnan Ramesh’s extraordinary volumes of Murugan poems. Sujana jeevana: ‘Ramar-ukku alangaram pannra paattu‘ is how someone described this beauty to me. Later, I realised it was not just physical ornaments , like a bangle or a crown. It […]

My interview on Chalchitra Talks (by Vaibhav Munjal)

March 13, 2021


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Readers Write In #344: My dad and Anthony Hopkins

March 10, 2021


(by Macaulay Perapulla) BR shared this wonderful interview with Anthony Hopkins ( and I misted up, reading it. I couldn’t stop thinking about my dad. He is in his “last leaf” years, waiting to leave the world. Despairing everything in his universe, he is unable to break the shell he has sternly made for himself: […]

Berlinale 2021: A lament for a lost festival experience

March 1, 2021

1 Cannes has the Riviera and Venice has the water scooters. But Berlin has the cold that someone from Chennai so desperately craves. Spoilers ahead… A fter that rather dramatic headline, let me clarify that the lament is not about Berlinale 2021 going online. The pandemic has opened up something akin to what social media […]

My interview by Venky Ramachandran – On music

February 24, 2021


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My interview on Christopher Nolan @ Sollu Kaburz (by Najeeb)

February 21, 2021


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Readers Write In #337: A diary of suffering

February 6, 2021


(by G Waugh) Never in my life had I ever imagined a time would come where I would be seeking treatment for something as terrible as– a mental illness. Whenever I used to call teasingly some of my friends “loosu”, “mental” it never waswithout a derogatory connotation that makes me wince today and those words […]

Eighteen years, and counting…

January 30, 2021


Read the full article on Film Companion, here: In which I look back at the time I started out as a film critic, what it’s like now, and a few things in between. On January 30, 2003, my first review was published – that makes it 15 years this week. The film was Dum, […]

300k subscribers

January 10, 2021


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I’ve been COVID-ed!!

December 22, 2020


Just wanted to jot down the course of events/symptoms in case this helps someone: For a few days, I had the chills and a really bad ache in the lower back area. My first thought was “Do I have COVID?” And from what I’ve read, one of the symptoms is loss of smell/taste. But I […]

My interview by Venky Ramachandran – On film criticism

December 18, 2020


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Readers Write In #304: Of radios and cigarette smoke

November 18, 2020


(by Anu Warrier) “Lying in bed with the radio on Moonlight falls like rain Soft summer nights spent thinking of you When will I see you again?” So sang England Dan and John Ford Coley in Nights are forever without you. I grew up at a time when a radio had pride of place in […]

Readers Write In #289: Aims, a Memoir

October 24, 2020


(by G Waugh) Born into a middle class family that subsisted on a single income, there was only one purpose for which I was thrust into education- ‘settling’ in life. ‘Settling’ meant only one thing- getting a well-paid job, marrying and having kids. After slogging for over four years in an area where I was […]

My ‘Let’s Talk Art’ conversation with the folks of Bangalore Little Theatre

October 20, 2020


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My ‘kutty story’ interview on Littleshows

October 9, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH:”Kutty Story” – A special showcase of talents, to portray the few who have excelled in the field with their ever unique presence – a venture into their life and inception of their goals in the form of a “Kutty Story – an interview series”, documenting their journey […]

My interview on therewillbetime (by Anirban B)

October 1, 2020


For more, subscribe to FILM COMPANION SOUTH: You can go to any kind of journalism or mass-communication program you want to, but they can only teach you the tools and how to hone your craft. The basic urge should be there within you. I strongly believe that for any form of art, writing or […]

Mid-life blues

September 29, 2020


That earlier post about “Is what I do worth it?” made me wonder if there are others who have thoughts — from time to time — about the work that they do, and how they manage to keep chugging through the routine. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I have a job I love doing […]