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Readers Write In #388: Hinduism – Its Philosophy, Science and Politics

July 26, 2021


(by G Waugh) I had written a bit about my interest in space and evolution in this piece** almost a year ago. The most interesting part of my space ‘journey’ was the place where Stephen Hawking was to a very great extent able to fully explain what is often meant by ‘The Big Bang’ theory. […]

Readers Write In #343: Greta Thunberg, Farm Laws and the Curious Case of Prahalada Déjà vu

March 4, 2021


(by Macaulay Perapulla) Hindu Mythologies have a strange onion peeling effect. At first, your eyes find it hard to tolerate them. You can apportion some blame on the poor English translations that were made by enthusiastic Indologists during the 18th century who made sure that the stories sounded like cut-and-dried moral science lessons of “good” […]

Readers Write In #300: Karma Yoga and Jean-Pierre Melville

November 16, 2020


(by Kartik Iyer) Vivekananda writes, “Work, but let not the action or the thought produce a deep impression on the mind”. He continues, “Therefore, be ‘unattached’; let things work; let brain centres work; work incessantly, but not let a ripple conquer the mind. Work as if you were a stranger in this land, a sojourner; […]

Readers Write In #276: The many shades of Krishna

September 28, 2020


(by G Waugh) “It has been fourteen years. They are your brothers. They did what you wanted them to do. It is only right that you gave them their due” “If you cannot give them half your kingdom, can you consider giving them five towns at least?” “Or if you think five towns is too […]

Readers Write In #271: Why should we read the Mahabharata?

September 18, 2020


(by G Waugh) I had always wanted to write exclusively about the Mahabharata. The below question from a reader Varsha Ganesh on the comments section came as an excuse for me to do it.   “I’m really curious about your comment on the Mahabharata too. What made you read all those different interpretations on it? […]

Readers Write In #241: When Lord Krishna and Woody Allen met on my account!

August 11, 2020


(by G Waugh) Arjuna, the warrior felt deeply uncomfortable about taking on his rivals, the Gauravas who were his siblings after all. He was much worried about fighting is own Guru Dronacharya who treated him like a son. It was a deep dilemma for Arjuna. He simply couldn’t pick his bow and begin fighting the […]