“Yeidhavan”… Too much talk, but this thriller isn’t entirely disposable either

Posted on May 11, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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In just the span of the first scene, Sakthi Rajasekaran’s Yeidhavan (The Arrow Shooter) gives us two -ism dialogues, the kind that sound like quotes from the Cuddalore equivalent of Camus. The first comes when the hero, Krishna (Kalaiyarasan, who needs more spark if he wants to be a leading man), says: Everyone in life would have wanted to kill at least two people. If you say so, brother. Then, he says: It’s important not to solve a problem but to ensure that another problem doesn’t sprout from it. We still have some 120-odd minutes to go.

And what’s the plot? It springs from these -ism dialogues: Wine shops destroy lives, but every street has four of them; medical schools save lives, and yet, not even every district has one. And: After spending so much money on capitation fees, how will students see medicine as a service? In other words, we are witnessing a variation on Shankar’s first film, Gentleman. There, it was the hero’s friend who wanted to become a doctor. Here, it’s the hero’s sister.

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