“Puriyaadha Pudhir”… A watchable mystery-thriller that needed to be tighter, more atmospheric

Posted on September 2, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Vijay Sethupathi is such a star today (I can still hear the whistles from his sensational introduction scene in Vikram Vedha) that it’s hard to believe he was once just a fresh-faced actor. The Vijay Sethupathi from those days — younger, slimmer — is whom we see in the long-in-the-making Puriyaadha Pudhir (A Mystifying Puzzle), where he plays a music director with eclectic tastes. His walls are plastered with pictures of Western Classical composers, Jimi Hendrix and the album cover for Laakhon Mein Ek, K Balachander’s Hindi remake of Ethir Neechal, for which RD Burman scored the music. Kathir seems as offbeat as the actor playing him.

He falls for a music teacher named Meera (Gayathrie), and though these early romantic scenes are pure cliche, Sethupathi is so into them that he makes you wonder what his career might have been like had he chosen a more conventional route like his Vikram Vedha co-star. I smiled at his little pretend-sulk when Meera won’t invite him to her flat for a cup of coffee. Had Gayathrie been into these scenes as much as her co-star (she’s too stiff), they may not have seemed like cliches at all. But slowly, the what-might-have-been questions cease to matter — for the film transforms into a thriller.

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