“Valladesam”… A wannabe thriller done in by bewildering stylistic choices, amateur actors

Posted on September 25, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Valladesam (All-powerful Nation) opens with a black screen – an unseen woman utters these words, “I’ve been hurt. Help!” Subsequently, a man is burnt alive, another man is shot dead in front of his wife and little girl, a family is massacred… In short, NT Nantha, who is the writer, director and cinematographer, is out to make a sweat-inducing thriller, the most sweat being induced when a London-based weapons supplier descends from a Rolls Royce – in slow motion, naturally – and announces his plan to destabilize India through a series of bomb blasts. The fate of the nation lies in the hands of Anu (Anu Hasan), who doesn’t quite seem to be the docile housewife the early scenes suggest.

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