“Comali”… Jayam Ravi stars in a badly written comedy… or drama… or heist thriller… or something

Posted on August 15, 2019


It’s hard to classify this severely underwhelming film because the director himself isn’t sure what he’s making. 

Spoilers ahead…

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Dhanush is an actor who can carry off a very young look. He can convince us he’s a college student, maybe even a schoolboy. Jayam Ravi is another. Comali is set in the 1980s/90s, when people used to gather at the one home in the neighbourhood that had a TV set, and your neighbour’s phone functioned as yours because… well, you didn’t have one. With some weight loss, Jayam Ravi (named Ravi in the film) looks like he really belongs in that era. He looks like he has stepped out of his school photographs. No suspension of disbelief is needed. Yogi Babu plays Mani, Ravi’s classmate. It’s tougher to buy him as a school-goer. Perhaps this is a throwback to a time colleges in Tamil cinema were filled with Charlies and Chinni Jayanths. Or perhaps this just means you can’t make a movie, today, without Yogi Babu. 

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