‘Head Burst’, which had its Asian premiere at IFFI, is a sympathetic look at the plight of a paedophile

Posted on November 28, 2019


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Looking at Markus — the protagonist of Savas Ceviz’s Head Burst (Kopfplatzen in German) — you’d think he’s a nice, normal guy. One day, entering the building he lives in, he sees a woman, Jessica, struggling with some boxes. She’s moving into an apartment near his, and he helps her. He meets her young son, Arthur. A few days later, she invites him over for a thank-you dinner. She talks about Arthur’s father, a drunkard. “I was a single mom even then,” she says. You sense she’s looking for a new partner, especially from the look on her face when she sees Marcus playing a board game with a clearly delighted Arthur.

But Markus would rather be with Arthur. That’s his sickening secret. He’s a paedophile. He drops in on his sister and gets a bear-hug from his young nephew. A little later, he excuses himself and goes to the toilet and masturbates. “This sucks,” he says — not because he isn’t able to get what he wants, but because he hates that this is what he wants. In other words, he’s aware. He knows it’s wrong. He’s not like the other paedophile he chats with online, someone who says he can send a link about how to lure young boys, and ends the chat with a wink. Markus knows he isn’t that guy.

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