“Kaalidas”… Bharath stars in a not-bad investigative thriller that’s also about a relationship 

Posted on December 13, 2019


Perhaps the biggest divergence from the traditional thriller is the amount of time we spend with the cop’s wife. In the most unexpected scene, she pours herself a drink…

Spoilers ahead…

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Sri Senthil’s Kaalidas — named after the cop played by a buffed-up Bharath — begins like a whodunit. A woman falls from the terrace of a building. Or was she pushed? And then, another woman ends up dead — it’s another fall from a terrace. We are being set up for a whodunit. Or so we think. But there are signs that something else is afoot. Take, for instance, how these deaths go unnoticed, at first. In the first instance, the splat! of the body hitting the ground is drowned by the noise of an airplane. (Plus, the building’s watchman is half-asleep.) The next time, the person nearest the incident is listening to music on earphones. In other words: What if you screamed and there’s no one listening?

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