“Hero”… Sivakarthikeyan’s superhero saga needed more punch, but it’s still a solid outing

Posted on December 20, 2019


The film is surprisingly understated. It steers clear of massy “hero” moments, and there’s a lot of clear, clean thinking in the writing.

Spoilers ahead…

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In PS Mithran’s Hero, Sivakarthikeyan plays a #90sKid, and the screenplay is suffused with the spirit of an iconic #90sFilm: Gentleman. Shankar’s career-cementing blockbuster was about the victim of a corrupt education system, and he strikes back as a vigilante. Slap a mask on a vigilante (i.e., someone who delivers his own extra-judicial brand of justice), and we get a… superhero. That’s what Sakthi, the hero of Hero, dreams of becoming. He grows up, instead, to become a forger of certificates, and — like the protagonist of Gentleman — he gets a big, fat sentimental flashback. But this time, Meera (Kalyani Priyadarshan) hears him out patiently and dismisses it as a sob story. Every wrongdoer has a “the System made me do this” justification, she scoffs. That’s the first sign that Hero isn’t going to be just another superhero saga.

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