Wanphrang Diengdoh’s ‘Lorni – the Flaneur’, with Adil Hussain, now on SonyLIV, is a beautifully moody North-eastern noir 

Posted on September 5, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

In this Khasi language film, Shillong is as much a mystery as the whodunit in the story. 

lorni the flaneur

The dictionary definition of “flaneur” is someone who walks around not doing anything in particular but watching people and society. The Shillong-based Shem (Adil Hussain) is seemingly a private investigator, but he is the flaneur of the title. In an early scene, he is seen gambling at a funeral. As Esther (Dawiat Syiem) passes them, Shem and his friends ask her for tea and snacks. Later, Shem says, in a voiceover we will hear throughout the film, “I went back home penniless that night but I must admit it was the best cup of tea I’ve ever had in a funeral house.” He spends a lot of time at a local eatery, observing three young men. One stormy day, he says, “A terrible storm broke out that afternoon. Great lashings of lightning split the sky.” 

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