Ganesh K Babu’s ‘Dada’, despite its second-half issues, is a solid relationship drama

Posted on February 13, 2023


Spoilers ahead…

The director trusts his lead actors to convey feelings through micro-gestures – and both Kavin and Aparna Das are superb. 

Right from the opening stretch of Dada, Ganesh K Babu announces that he is a real filmmaker. What we’re watching is basically an “I love you” scene, but rendered without the words being spoken. You see this love, you feel it – especially when the contrasting background is that of a neighbouring couple screaming at each other. You know how you can keep looking at a loved one when they are sleeping, and just savour the blissful nothingness of the moment? This is that scene. What makes it even better are the gentle piano ripples (the score is by Jen Martin) and the gentler conversation that follows. It involves the topic of tears, and you think this is going to set up a big payoff scene at the climax. But no. When the payoff does happen, it is as unassuming as this scene: we see it in an autorickshaw mirror, in the middle of night, in the middle of nowhere.

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