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Readers Write In #329: ‘How HB and BR helped evolve my taste

January 19, 2021


(by Akila Narayanan) On Day 3 of the 4th Test match between India vs Australia, I was watching an ‘Extra Innings’ session anchored by Harsha Bhogle (HB) and simultaneously surfing BaradwajRangan’s(BR) blog posts. The thought that instantly struck me was how both of these gentlemen have helped evolve my taste for cricket-watching and movie-watching over […]

Readers Write In #328: Sir

January 18, 2021


(by Anuj Chakrapani) I don’t know how attentive I am when watching movies, but if I am not wrong, I have just watched an entire movie without knowing the male protagonist’s name. We know him as “Sir” throughout; he happens to be a man in his late twenties (or early thirties maybe), and lives in […]

Readers Write In #327: Bridgerton is no Jane Austen

January 18, 2021


(by Doba) Those of us who were not satisfactorily entertained by the drama at the Capitol – no offence to the fine performances of the ladies and gentlemen, there, but they were sadly lacking in sex appeal – have turned to Netflix’s period drama Bridgerton in the last few weeks. With the devastatingly handsome leads […]

Readers Write In #326: Thoughts on Master

January 17, 2021


(by S Masthan Reddy) #MasterFilm – Decided to go to this movie in theaters after they said only 50% occupancy is allowed and booked for the fourth day. Into the movie with calm ambiance, not usual for Vijay movie. The movie starts with an interesting reveal of a character, rather I would say intense. After […]

Readers Write In #325: “Fan-made” Footnotes to the Master Review by Baradwaj Rangan on Film Companion

January 14, 2021


(by H Prasanna) 1. Godard: Someone Tarantino stole from, including his production company’s name. Godard said he would like some money for that name. See Godard-isation (no. 11). 2. Hollywood “genre” thriller: Exciting 80s movies which we feel confused about now because of all the homages in Avengers. 3. the former: Trademark BR play on […]

Readers Write In #324: Maara is effervescent enough, but the filmmakers should have retained Parvathy Thiruvoth as Paaru

January 11, 2021


(by Alex John) We are witnessing an anomalous phenomenon. Maara, the remake of the 2015 Malayalam film Charlie is released on Amazon prime, and those who haven’t seen it must believe it, the film is, if only marginally, better than its original version! We all know how much remakes are hated, not just in our […]

Readers Write In #323: Reminiscences of a Yesudas concert

January 11, 2021


(by Jayram Sataluri) It was Sunday, April 17th 2011. I was at JP Stevens High School in Edison, New Jersey waiting outside the school.I did not have the exact money to pay for the ticket. But a family friend who I hadn’t seen in a decade understood my predicament and paid for it. I paid […]

Readers Write In #322: Bye Bye Miss American Pie

January 11, 2021


(by Madan Mohan) Don McLean wrote the iconic American Pie as a lament addressed to the events at Altamont, where pandemonium broke out between fans and Hell’s Angels (private bodyguards of sorts) as Rolling Stones performed their set at a music festival and also as a general critique of what he saw as accelerating cultural […]

Readers Write In #321: Tell Me More

January 10, 2021


(by Sanjay NM) They say that time heals. As the days trickled, some earthly beings and a few loved ones, who had both mind and body, moved on after my death. I, having only a mind by now, had to follow them. I wasn’t complaining though. The place that awaited me was filled with wonders; […]

Readers Write In #320: Contemplation of a Vijay fan

January 5, 2021


(by Masthan Reddy S) On a New Year Day of 2021 sitting and watching Thuppaki movie in channel, just rewind my thought back how big Vijay has emerged in the last decade from being a young and energetic star to THALAPATHY of Tamil cinema. A star whose movie release is being anticipated by thousands in […]

Readers Write In #319: What I read in 2020

December 31, 2020


(by Eswar) புத்தாண்டு சென்றாண்டுக்கு நீ மற்றொரு ஆண்டுநேற்றைக்கு நீ இன்னது ஒரு நாளைமணிக்கு வெறும் நொடிமனிதனுக்கு மட்டும்நீ தனி (New YearTo last year you are but another  Just another day for yesterdayTo an hour you are only a second  To us you are always special) In order to comprehend this timeless eternity that we live in, we punctuate time […]

Readers Write In #318: Top ten books I read in 2020

December 30, 2020


(by G Waugh) A Little Life by HanyaYanagahira This was like something I have never read before and it lived up to the hype that BaradwajRangan had given in one of his essays. A dense tale that spans almost the entire lifetime of its lead, Jude St Francis simmers with marvellously observed vignettes and intensely […]

Readers Write In #317: Revisiting key moments of Soorarai Pottru

December 29, 2020


(by Anuj Chakrapani) Murphy’s Law in action Start-up founders in the Tech space may look back at their struggles from ideation to fruition with pride, but those may pale in comparison to the challenges in front of Nedumaaran Rajangam (Surya), who is the CEO, the janitor and everything in between of his venture Deccan Air, […]

Readers Write In #316: On Parinda…and the flight of those pigeons

December 26, 2020


(by An Jo) Spoilers galore ‘Parinda’ released in 1989, was one hell of a crimemovie from the Bombay film industry on Bombay and one that shook and held its audiences by the throat and screamed—albeitcoveredin its veneer of ‘subtlety—a violence so unleashed, that one could feel iteven more after-the fact. The way Nana’s Anna is […]

Readers Write In #315: Mirror Cracked From Side to Side

December 19, 2020


(by Madan Mohan) No, this is not about the famous Agatha Christie novel.  This is about the imminent shutdown of Mumbai Mirror, a tabloid-sized daily that used to accompany Times of India.  Starting tomorrow, we are told, Mumbai Mirror will be a Sunday weekly affair.  Notice I say tabloid-sized.  If you aren’t from Mumbai (or […]

Readers Write In #314: Kim Ki-duk’s Kerala connection is one of the strangest things Indian cinema has witnessed

December 16, 2020


(by Alex John) Something unprecedented happened at the IFFK in 2013, which was held in the capital city of Kerala. An art movie maker who was largely obscure in his own country got literally stunned by the movie-star welcome the crowd gave him; to an extent that he said it was the most memorable experience […]

Readers Write In #313: Mank, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the Real Magic of the Movies

December 16, 2020


(by Karthik Amarnath) If there’s one kind of movies adored by Hollywood, it’s movies about Hollywood. David Fincher’s Mank, playing on Netflix, is the latest entry into this echelon of self indulgent cinema. Mank presents a questionable account of Herman Mankiewicz’s questionable screenwriting process, inspired by Upton Sinclair’s questionable media portrayal, which leads to Randolph Hearst’s questionable depiction […]

Readers Write In #312: Why Hillbilly Elegy may not be such a misfire after all

December 13, 2020


(by Madan Mohan) There are films lately where the critical consensus is so different from my own impressions that I am left to question whether I am going bonkers. Or whether the critics are. Or if this is just life happening, me getting older and forming perceptions based on my own experiences and worldview rather […]

Readers Write In #311: Thoughts on ‘Daughters of Destiny’

December 12, 2020


(by Aravindan Rajaram) Imagine you stay at the Shanti Bhavan residential school in rural Tamilnadu for one month each in seven successive years. You are invisible to everyone. You follow the school’s founder Dr. George Abraham, teachers, staff and students from the underprivileged community. Specifically, have a keen eye on the lives of five girls […]

Readers Write In #310: Tisca Chopra’s directorial short ‘Rubaru’ discovers the ‘Actor’ in a ‘Star’

December 7, 2020


(by Arun AK) In the world of movies, age has a dual role to play depending on with whom it is dealing. It acts as wine for an actor as he/she becomes finer and better with age. But for a ‘star’, age acts as slow poison that gradually diminishes their spark until the lights fade […]