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Readers Write In #584: Diving straight and dissecting into the micro level of why mass unnatural disasters happen

June 5, 2023


By Neerajaa Raghuraman I am not understanding the joke universe is trying to play on us with these mass deaths and injuries. Though there might be a lot of discussion at macro levels, I directly get into heart level discussion here. I think people should be allowed to love without restrictions. Responsibility from a place […]

Readers Write In #583: Objects in the rear view mirror: 2000s Kollywood

June 5, 2023


This article is the third in a series of random reminiscences of the recent decades of Kollywood. The first and second are here.  By Srinivasan Sundar Chennai 600028 (2007, Venkat Prabhu) It is surprising that a cricket-crazy city had not rolled out any memorable film based on the game until Chennai 600028 stormed the arena. The more you think of […]

Readers Write In #582: The Story of Allen Dulles and his CIA

May 30, 2023


By Jeeva The USSR despite its flaws, if anything was considered world over as a force that could threaten the unholy interests of the rich and the ultra-rich. The ultra-rich elite of the 20th century was neither a restricted, national entity nor just a bunch of industrialists harmlessly running their business operations within their narrow […]

Readers Write In #581: Virupaksha: The Succubus lies in the details

May 29, 2023


By Vishnu Mahesh Sharma @ ​ We have seen so many films where the hero meets the heroine when the heroine is accomplishing an act of theft. Case in point Amar Akbar Anthony, Parvarish and Thupparivaalan. In these kind of films, this portion, apart from giving the heroine melodramatic reasons/motives for theft, doubles up as […]

Readers Write In #580: The Imposter – The ramblings of a fundamentally uninteresting man

May 26, 2023


By Kanhu Kishore    I want to tell you a story. A story probably worth telling, at least I think so. Some names are changed because well, it’s a story. So, let’s start. Yeah, let’s start. But where to start, I don’t know. I am in this situation where I feel shitty all the time. […]

Readers Write In #579: Daredevil Musthafa (DDM) – An outsider’s view

May 26, 2023


By Salini Senthil A lack of outrageous fanfare before the release seems to be the modern indicator of silently well-made, small-budget independent movies, in our current time and age. After a silent 2018 made silent waves through theatres to my heartwarming appreciation (i was not a fan of the triumphs The Kerala story saw in […]

Readers Write In #578: Succession – A Saga of Kendall and Logan

May 23, 2023


By Kartik Iyer The things that stand out about Brian Cox, who plays the character of Logan Roy in Succession, are his nose, jaws, and eyes. The jaws get a helping from the white-grey beard, but his nose and eyes appear as they are: stark, sharp, and cold. Logan has the capacity to unnerve people with […]

Readers Write In #577: The National Legacy of NTR

May 21, 2023


By ​Aman Basha Remembering the man who changed the history and cinema of a state and left an impact on a nation May 28 this year marks a special event for the Telugu states. What has been till now, an annual celebration for the Telugu Desam Party and their cadre, promises to be the grand […]

Readers Write In #576: Book Review: The Last Mughal by William Dalrymple

May 9, 2023


By ​Jeeva P aka G Waugh Surveying the so-called First War of Indian Independence that took place at Delhi through the eyes of historian William Dalrymple in his book The Last Mughal, I was led to revise many of my long-held assumptions. The rebellion that took place, also called the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, was […]

Readers Write In #575:  PS-2 comes out with the soul intact

April 30, 2023


By ​Raghu Narayanan Well, it worked for me…big time! Compared movie to movie, I will say PS-2 is better than PS-1. But then, saying that will be somewhat merciless because the unravelling of the plot and the untying of knots in PS-2 was always going to make it more interesting and more conclusive than PS-1. […]

Readers Write In #574:  PS-2 and why it is riddled with the same problems that plagued later seasons of GoT

April 29, 2023


By Gnanaozhi The movie simply didn’t work for me. It has a severe GoT season 5-8 problem. Seasons 1-4 were sublime, it adapted the books faithfully but the Showrunners added some minor twists of their own (like that scene where Tywin is being served by Arya who is pretending to be a lowly servant). However […]

Readers Write In #573:  Objects in the rear view mirror: 90s Kollywood

April 23, 2023


By Srinivasan Sundar Those five were the ones that were easily and quickly visible in my mirror. Most memorable films; Not necessarily the greats of the decade. I peeped again, this time to catch glimpses of my film memories of the nineties. It is like trying to open up a case that’s been filled with […]

Readers Write In #572: Reflections on ‘Kaathuvaakula Rendu Kaadhal’

April 22, 2023


By Sindhuja S It’s almost a year since the release of KRK, and now is as good a time as any to reflect on how the movie landed for me. From the promos one had hoped it would be a slightly cringe – given the theme – but a deft, perhaps humorous, and hopefully unique […]

Readers Write In #571:  Web Series Review – Jubilee – Of Mice and Men, Of Stars and Blackholes

April 22, 2023


By Neeraj S Iyer ‘Guilt, Pride, Alienation, Lonesomeness, Anger, Opportunities’ have often been the primary motifs that fuel the narrative of Vikramaditya Motwane’s thought-provoking films. Oftentimes, these themes have also seeped into the works where he has played the role of a Co-Writer & Producer. With his Prime Video Web Show ‘Jubilee’, this multi-faceted, genre-bending […]

Readers Write In #570: Golden Ages and all that jazz

April 20, 2023


By Aman Basha The words golden age themselves seem to age very poorly, or is it just me not hearing enough amrit kaal anymore? But the perception of a golden age, while not as polarizing as it could be in politics, can still be hotly contested when it comes to cinema. One reason is simply […]

Readers Write In #569: Dil Chahta Hai: Narrators and Memories

April 16, 2023


By Kartik Iyer Farhan Akhtar’s Dil Chahta Hai released in 2001. I was three years old. My family went to watch it. They took me along. Watching the film is one of my earliest memories as a human being. I remember my reaction to the film even today. Inside the theatre in 2001, I remember being totally […]

Readers Write In #568: Objects in the rear view mirror: 80s Kollywood

April 16, 2023


By Srinivasan Sundar Quentin Tarantino is unabashedly critical of the Hollywood of the eighties (‘..f*ing wasteland of a decade..’, Cinema Speculation). Kollywood was no less. Though the decade was so very central to the history of Tamil cinema – meteoric rise of the Superstar, peaking of geniuses like Bharathiraja and Ilayaraja, end days of masters […]

Readers Write In #567: The Value Journaling Brought into my life

April 8, 2023


By Rahini David Let’s start with the clumsy diaries I started my first diary back in January 1998 and that is a whole 25 years ago. I wrote mundane stuff sporadically and promptly disposed it off as unimportant. I remember this as I had written about this in the year 2000 diary. Somehow taking journaling […]

Readers Write In #566: Viduthalai review

April 2, 2023


By Honest Raj The movie starts with an emergency situation. I did not even know when the movie got my attention. I felt like I was standing along with the characters and listening to the story for the entire movie. It’s like I got hypnotised by the director throughout the movie. I personally felt detached […]

Readers Write In #565: Book Review: The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

March 31, 2023


By G Waugh Kamal Haasan in one of his interviews where he expresses his disaffection with growing calls for vegetarianism, if I remember correctly used a term called “Green Blood”. It was a reference to the substance thatthe plants are assumed tolet outwith pain when we pluck their leaves or mutilate them for our own […]