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Readers Write In #470: The OX- 20 years gone, but not forgotten

June 26, 2022


By Jayram Satluri To remember the late John Entwistle, best known as the bass player of the Who on his 20th death anniversary (June 27 th ), I share this brief tribute to him. In one of his songs, he wrote “Everybody calls the quiet one. You can see, but you can’t hear me.” He […]

Readers Write In #469: Random Ramblings of a Mediocre Mind

June 20, 2022


By Severus Snape I am 18, a college fresher, and I like to be cool. I like to have people praise me; I want to stand out from the crowd. I want to participate in several clubs; it sounds cool to say, “Oh, I made a clock using Arduino and designed an app to display […]

Readers Write In #468: Song of the Road – Novel and Film

June 16, 2022


By Deepika Santhanakrishnan Bends in the Road is what the translators of Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay’s novel ‘Pather Panchali’ (1929) found it apt to name. They attributed the suggestion to the horizontal bends of a w(o)andering life’s journey. Well, I attribute it to the vertical bends in life as well. The former in the case of the […]

Readers Write In #467: The need for superheroes in a modern society

June 10, 2022


By Prakash Alagarsamy I recently watched the movie “Vikram”. The movie was good. Definitely could have been better. I loved talking about it with my family members about it. Don’t know the last time a mass movie did that. So definitely a win in that aspect. But u digress. This post is about something that […]

Readers Write In #466: The Thrill of Top Gun and Tom “Maverick” Cruise

June 10, 2022


By Aman Basha A slightly spoilery and wholly praise filled ream of prose on the summer Hollywood movie of the year The double tragic whammy of 2020 and 2021 were supposed to alter the world in ways unrecognizable to anything we had seen before. Interviews involving studio heads, trade analysts and other people in the […]

Readers Write In #465: In ‘Toolsidas Junior’ Other than Snooker, Motivational Lessons to Learn

June 1, 2022


By Carlos Luis ‘Toolsidas Junior’ by Mridul Mahendra might not be as celebrated as other sports dramas in India, but it happens to give one of the first representations to a game of snooker as a sport in India. It is inspired by a true story of the life of Mridul Mahendra, the writer-director of […]

Readers Write In #464: நான் எப்படி “ஒரு மனிதன் ஒரு வீடு ஒரு உலகத்தை” புரிந்துகொண்டிருக்கிறேன் ?

May 19, 2022


By G Waugh “நான் சென்ற வாரம் ஜெயகாந்தன் எழுதிய ஒரு மனிதன் ஒரு வீடு ஒரு உலகம் படித்தேன். அதை படித்த எல்லோரும் அதை சிலாகிக்கும் அளவுக்கு அதில் அப்படி ஒன்றும் இல்லையே?” என்று என் நண்பர் ஒருவர் சொன்னார். நானும் அந்த புத்தகத்தை இதற்கு முன்பு படித்திருக்கவில்லை என்பதால் எனக்கு மூன்று நாட்கள் நேரம் தருமாறு வேண்டிக்கொண்டு படித்து முடித்துவிட்டு அதை பற்றி விவாதிக்கலாம் அன்று சொல்லி அந்த புத்தகத்தை அவரிடம் இருந்து வாங்கி […]

Readers Write In #463: The Devil Wears…Propaganda?

May 9, 2022


By Madan Mohan Can you take a book (for the purpose of shooting a middle budget Hollywood movie), adapt it reasonably faithfully and still change just enough of it that the whole thrust, the crux of it is altered more than significantly and the message is rendered ambiguous or even mildly positive? With potentially damaging […]

Readers Write In #462: Gangubai Kathiawadi – Impotent Pomposity

May 4, 2022


By Karthik Iyer Vijay Raaz’s character, Raziabai, symbolizes Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Gangubai Kathiawadi. Dolled up, impotent pomposity. Raaz has no real use in the movie, just like the movie has little use in our changing cinematic landscape. His character could have been mentioned in the passing as a personality that exists but is never shown; […]

Readers Write In #461: Kaathu Vaakula… A tale of two many backstories

May 3, 2022


By Harish Prakash Let’s start where KRK begins. Rambo’s many uncles and an aunt remain unmarried because of a supposed curse running in the family that marriages will lead to mishaps. This happens as soon as Rambo is born. His father falls off a water tower and dies and his mother falls ill and gets […]

Readers Write In #460: The Isolating Soundscape of Better Call Saul.

April 25, 2022


By Kartik Iyer The final season of Better Call Saul has begun. Over the course of the last five-six years, it has provided viewers with riveting drama and exciting storylines. People have stayed with the show for its characters. The writing of the show is exceptional. The plots are engaging. No loose ends stick out. […]

Readers Write In #459: Self reflective movies and their charm

April 19, 2022


By Kartik Iyer Richard Linklater was working on Apollo 10 ½ : A Space Age Childhood since about 2018-19. I remember the earliest story broke when Linklater’s production company, Detour, published a press release requesting Austin residents to share pictures of the city during 1969. Over the course of the next couple of years, pictures from the […]

Readers Write In #458: Telugu cinema is having a dream run, and Indian cinema needs it now more than ever

April 14, 2022


By Alex John Telugu cinema is having a dream run, and Indian cinema needs it now more than ever. Okay, no claims of prophecy here, as I wrote this article in the “Reader’s write in” (link (1) below) about how Telugu cinema is going to spread its wings only after the roaring success of ‘Bahubali: […]

Readers Write In #457: Grammar, Vocabulary, Kaadhal, and all that

April 10, 2022


By Kailasham R In a post on Prashant-Simran movies from the 90s that went live shortly after Diwali 2021, I made a comment that “on-screen romance in Tamil cinema would see a tectonic shift in grammar and vocabulary” in the decade or so that followed. A reader requested that I elaborate on this point. While […]

Readers Write In #456: On ‘The Power of the Dog’

April 5, 2022


By An Jo Spoilers ahead There’s a scene in ‘The Power of the Dog’ where Rose (Kirsten Dunst) mentions as a casual comment to Peter Gordon (Kodi Smit Mc-Phee), her son, and I paraphrase, ‘Oh, don’t be afraid of Phil; he is but just a man.’ And the next frame that Jane Campion the director […]

Readers Write In #455: Kashmir Files Part II

April 4, 2022


By Aman Basha Part II of this piece: The continuation and conclusion of my Interview with Ahmed Ali Fayyaz Q: Some people attribute the 1990 Exodus as it happened to have been caused by a political game played by Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, the Union Home Minister then, to undercut Farooq Abdullah by bringing Jagmohan […]

Readers Write In #454: Thoughts on ‘The Batman’ and how it mirrors my life

March 31, 2022


By Bruce Wayne, aspiring filmmaker Usually I enjoy a movie as it is during the first watch. No questions, no extra analysis, no breaking down, nothing until someone else discusses the same with me or till I rewatch the movie when I like it or when something really interesting was not at all developed (that […]

Readers Write In #453: I whole-heartedly welcome the success of ‘The Kashmir files’, and let me tell you why.

March 26, 2022


By Alex John Let me tell you this first, I haven’t seen ‘The Kashmir files’ yet. It is playing in the city I live, but I couldn’t drag my lazy a** to watch it yet. Well, I thought I ought to write something about it at least, as the campaign against the film is getting […]

Readers Write In #452: The Kashmir Files

March 20, 2022


By Aman Basha The release of the film the Kashmir Files has created an atmosphere of debate, discussion, argument and accusation everywhere from the political sphere to colleges to living rooms, blogs and of course Twitter. In this atmosphere where so much was said and so little made sense, created by the success of director […]

Readers Write In #451: The Magic of Manikandan’s “Kadaisi Vivasayi”

March 14, 2022


By Karthik Amarnath மணிகண்டனின் “கடைசி” மாயம் (Spoilers Ahead for “Kadaisi Vivasayi”) மணிகண்டனின் கடைசி விவசாயி படத்தின் அனுபவத்தை பற்றி எவ்வாறு எழுதவேண்டும் என்று யோசித்தேன். ஒரு வேளை மனதை மண்ணாக நினைத்து அதற்க்குள் எழுத்துக்களை விதைத்து அதுவே மாயமாக மலர்களை போல் முளைத்தால் படத்தை பார்த்த அனுபவத்துக்கு அது ஈடாக இருக்கும. அனுபவம் அப்படி ஒரு மாயமாக தான் இருந்தது. ஒருவகையில் கேபிரியல் மார்கெஸ் எழுதிய கதைகளில் வரும் மாயம் போல் என்று […]