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Readers Write In #136: Of Goddess and Women

January 26, 2020


(by Karthik Amarnath) A viral visual from the recent array of protests showed an army of men in protective gear. Facing a young woman carrying a rose. It reminded me of another visual from a twenty year old movie song that showed an army of men with tanks and guns. Around a young woman clothed […]

Readers Write In #135: Reconnect

January 22, 2020


(by Iniya, the 14-year-old daughter of Aravindan R, a regular reader of this blog) PROLOGUE – FORTNIGHT  Me That’s it. My life’s over. What will everyone say? Nah! Who cares what they say. Like I’m going to tell them. They’ll probably laugh at me. None of it matters now, without her. She was the only joy in […]

Readers Write In #134: Why we need more shows like ‘Sex Education’ in India

January 22, 2020


(by Sai Sagar) In a recent discussion with a friend, the netflix series Sex Education came up. He remarked that I might as well be acquainted with the education part, given that the first half of the title will always elude me. The joke here is on both of us. Firstly one doesn’t “GET” Sex […]

Readers Write In #133: Parasite and The White Tiger: Doing what it takes

January 22, 2020


(by Adhithya K R) The White Tiger was one of the darkest books that I’ve read. The book started with a former driver explaining that he had murdered his employer. It hadn’t been very difficult because his master had trusted him. For a while, after reading it, I was puzzled by how people trusted others […]

Readers Write In #132: Why I believe Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker is better than Heath Ledger’s

January 19, 2020


(by Alex John) This has been one of the closest contests in the history of cinema on who played the same character better than the other. I mean, there have been countless remakes of different films in world cinema, and several takes on the dreaded comic villain Joker himself, but Heath Ledger raised the bar […]

Readers Write In #131: A fun premise and great songs hold up a predictable romance in ‘Yesterday’

January 15, 2020


(by Aparna Namboodiripad (who writes here as tonks) When I was thirteen years old, a friend handed me a cassette that belonged to her older sister. It was the Sergeant Pepper album by the Beatles. That was my first introduction to the band. When I went home and listened to the album, song after mesmerising […]

Readers Write In #130: Looking back on the festival of Pongal through the movies released

January 15, 2020


(by Raghav Ravichandran) Looking back on the festival of Pongal through the movies released The festival of Pongal is huge, it is a very special festival that brings in lot of joy, happiness and abundance of food and sweets along with it. My most recent memories of the festival include having relatives coming over to […]

Readers Write In #129: My 2019 in Books – Top 10

January 10, 2020


(by G Waugh) 1. Rishi Moolam by Jayakanthan Jayakanthan’s take on the Oedipus Complex just blew me away. I don’t know why I have this obsession with small books. This is easily the greatest novella ever written in Tamil. 2. A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth The second place is taken by the longest book […]

Readers Write In #128: Ricky Gervais’ monologue was the ultimate charade of authenticity

January 10, 2020


(by Madan Mohan) Going to lead this with what may seem like a non-sequitur. In 1979, heavy metal band Judas Priest released a live album (that is, pulled from a concert) called Unleashed In The East. It’s one of the most coveted releases of the band with the live versions in some cases surpassing those […]

Readers Write In #127: Five favourite Tamil songs of ARR from the decade gone by

January 10, 2020


(by Raghav Ravichandran) The past decade has actually been a pretty mixed bag as far as ARR is concerned in my opinion. I don’t think I would have said that pre 2010. It was tough not to like an ARR song till then. But from 2010-2019, there have been many songs that still send shivers […]

Readers Write In #126: Exploring love through vulnerability in ‘Sillu Karupatti’

January 6, 2020


(by Adhithya K R) What I was watching on screen was a reserved old man getting to know a lady he had met only once before. So I wasn’t expecting it when Navaneethan said, “If we kiss right now, we won’t really be visible to that couple right now, would we?” A different director might […]

Readers Write In #125: The Russian Revolution, Chapter 12 – The Indian Connection

December 29, 2019


(by G Waugh) Introduction, Preface, and Chapter 1 are here. Chapter 2 is here. Chapter 3 is here. Chapter 4 is here. Chapter 5 is here. Chapter 6 is here. Chapter 7 is here. Chapter 8 is here. Chapter 9 is here. Chapter 10 is here. Chapter 11 is here. Before we venture out to […]

Readers Write In #124: In these turbulent times, has film criticism become the most politically honest element of journalism?

December 23, 2019


(by Alex John) The less than enthusiastic critical response to Malayalam superstar Mammootty’s latest mega outing ‘Mamangam’ prompted me to write this. I was thinking, how easy is that in today’s politically divided India? I mean, here we have a big star who is also an actor with openly testified political views, a mega-budgeted flick, […]

Readers Write In #123: The Russian Revolution, Chapter 11 – The Autumn Intensifies

December 22, 2019


(by G Waugh) Introduction, Preface, and Chapter 1 are here. Chapter 2 is here. Chapter 3 is here. Chapter 4 is here. Chapter 5 is here. Chapter 6 is here. Chapter 7 is here. Chapter 8 is here. Chapter 9 is here. Chapter 10 is here. In 1968, the government led by the Communist Party […]

Readers Write In #122: The Irishman – Scorsese returns to familiar territory and expands it in a startling fashion

December 19, 2019


(by N Madhusudhan) (Spoilers ahead) It’s fascinating to witness the gradual mellow down that the genre and the men who defined the genre go through. A film geek’s theoretical exercise would be to look at the film as a reflection of the painful final years of the characters from Goodfellas and Casino (which I certainly […]

Readers Write In #121: Selvaraghavan’s Mayakkam Enna: The Pursuit of dreams

December 18, 2019


(by Mirra) Some films touch the heart and move our lives gently with its pain and victories yet only a few can touch it, shredding the heart to pieces, slowly helping us gather it all back together, healing the wreck, leaving us both wounded and absolved as the last drop of blood drips out the […]

Readers Write In #120: The Russian Revolution, Chapter 10 – The Smells of Autumn

December 9, 2019


(by G Waugh) Introduction, Preface, and Chapter 1 are here. Chapter 2 is here. Chapter 3 is here. Chapter 4 is here. Chapter 5 is here. Chapter 6 is here. Chapter 7 is here. Chapter 8 is here. Chapter 9 is here. Alexei Kosygin became the Prime Minister (Chairman of the Council of Ministers) in […]

Readers Write In #119: Ramayana in modern times: Gautham Menon and Separation

December 5, 2019


(by Adhithya K R) I’m not going to talk about the voice-overs in ENPT. There’s already been enough of that. Amidst all the chatter about whether there was too much mind-voice, there’s an aspect of the movie which seems to have gone unnoticed. It resonates with an epic that inspired much of Indian storytelling – […]

Readers Write In #118: Why Kamal is not an actor

November 30, 2019


(by Ramamoorthi N, written on his Facebook page a few years ago) In the small Railway town I grew up, my mother (God bless her soul) would dress in a dotted saree and dark “cooling” glasses whenever she stepped out of home, thus creating the effect of one of the many middle aged heroines the […]

Readers Write In #117: The VTV Experience

November 30, 2019


(by N Madhusudhan) Having read Vishal Menon’s ranking of Gautham Menon’s films (which also happens to be a lovely tribute to the best of GVM’s films) in Film Companion website, I was so soaked in nostalgia and my own rush of emotions that I felt a desperate need to talk about my obsession for GVM’s […]