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Readers Write In #389: On the Kannada movie GANTUMOOTE (Baggage)

July 27, 2021


(by An Jo) Spoilers ahead ‘Gantumoote’ makes it very clear right at the onset that the protagonist Meera (Teju Belawadi) is a different ‘species’ amongst women of her age – actually, girls of her age. She is studying 1st year Pre-University and while all her classmates are enjoying life as is supposed to be at that age and as particularly […]

Readers Write In #388: Hinduism – Its Philosophy, Science and Politics

July 26, 2021


(by G Waugh) I had written a bit about my interest in space and evolution in this piece** almost a year ago. The most interesting part of my space ‘journey’ was the place where Stephen Hawking was to a very great extent able to fully explain what is often meant by ‘The Big Bang’ theory. […]

Readers Write In #387: Sarpatta Parambarai is a roller-coaster ride

July 23, 2021


(by Masthan Reddy S) With the pandemic not allowing normalcy to return, theatres will be the last thing to come alive. OTT release has become viable for some movie release now. In my home, they have put this movie SAARPATTA on release day morning. I had curiosity from first look itself to watch this movie […]

Readers Write In #386: Shakti: Third and Final Act of Hindi Cinema’s Oedipal Trilogy

July 20, 2021


(by Aman Basha) Shakti begins in a similar fashion as did another Ramesh Sippy directed, Salim Javed scripted most iconic of Indian films, Sholay, at a station as a policeman waits for a train on a platform. Barring its opening scene, Shakti is unlike any other film Ramesh Sippy had ever made to that point. […]

Readers Write In #385: Dictatorships and popular consent

July 18, 2021


(by G Waugh) I have always wondered about the nature of political dictatorships in history and the mentality of the masses who were subjected to them. In childhood, whenever references to the freedom struggle were made in my textbooks, I always had a mental image of a great mass of angry people trying desperately to […]

Readers Write In #384: Where have the ‘Jerry Maguire’s and ‘As Good As It Gets’s gone?

July 12, 2021


(by Karthik Amarnath) I wonder what’s happened to the Hollywood rom-com. They used to be a big budget star studded staple up until the early noughties. Forward to the social media era, and the genre has whittled down to candy canes catering to a Valentine’s Day sugar rush. I think of rom-coms as comfort food. […]

Readers Write In #383: Sara’s is the latest entry in the series of Malayalam ‘women’s issue’ films that actually downplays its content

July 12, 2021


(by Alex John) I really started thinking about this after watching the Asif Ali flick ‘Kettyol anente malakha’, which came out two years ago. Now, before I start this, I want to let you know that I don’t have anything against films those who take a light-handed approach to grave social issues. I am a […]

Readers Write In #382: Who is the real Sherni?

July 7, 2021


(by Ashwini Kulkarni) Bollywood depicts popular culture where good has to win over evil. But if your story is dealing with Indian bureaucracy, can it be a straight forward good versus evil? Amit Masurkar’s ‘Newton’ and ‘Sherni’ have an Indian officer, someone in authority as the protagonist. In the first the theme was democracy and […]

Readers Write In #381: Balamuralikrishna dazzles once more!

July 6, 2021


(by Jayram Sataluri) To celebrate the 91st birthday of Balamuralikrishna aka BMK, I’m sharing a “review” of a concert recording at the Krishna Gana Sabha in the year 1977 which I was fortunate to obtain from a friend. Alongside BMK in the concert are two living legends: M Chandrasekaran aka MC on violin and Umayalpuram K […]

Readers Write In #380: Sherni is alarming, excellent

July 6, 2021


(by Pooja Nair) Sherni is not a title role for Vidya Balan and thank God for that. No disrespect to Ms Balan who is excellent as a forest officer trying to do her job, and nothing but. Sherni is T12, a tigress, a mother, trying to progress from the borderlands to the jungle. In her way are […]

Readers Write In #379: Karnan and the Trauma of Oppression

July 2, 2021


(by Venky) Film Director Ram once famously stated “I treat my films as theses.” And so do film critics. Voracious readers of Baradwaj Rangan know his most memorable thesis: “Every film is a continuum”. (Gosh, “Readers” sounds so anachronistic now that we get to hear/see BR AND read his thoughts that are probably filtered by […]

Readers Write In #378: Princess Mononoke: Getting Ambiguity Right (?)

July 2, 2021


(by Adithya R) One WTF fact I came across recently was that Hayao Miyazaki doesn’t write screenplays for his films. WTF! * This is pretty hard to imagine given the myriad themes, characters, and incredible world-building that is stuffed into a typical Studio Ghibli film. And the typical Studio Ghibli film is a visual masterpiece […]

Readers Write In #377: ‘The family man’ is one of the best things to happen to the Indian entertainment sector, and it owes more to its characters than anything else

July 2, 2021


(by Alex John) I am not a big fan of TV/web series. As an old schooler who got used to the movie sensibilities, the marathon modes of entertainment are quite alien to me. No matter how hard I try, I can’t quite warm up to the idea of waiting for a year or more to […]

Readers Write In #376: What’s special about South Korean cinema?

July 2, 2021


(by Sudharsanan Sampath) South Korean cinema is clearly superior, with its creativity, consistency and film-making style, when compared to other film industries of the world, at least in my opinion. Malayalam cinema is attempting to come dangerously close, but still some way to go. South Korean filmmakers somehow managed to capture the elusive art of […]

Readers Write In #375: Paadavaa Un Paadalai: a brilliant song, an apt picturisation and a terrible film

June 29, 2021


(by Madan Mohan) Recently, I heard Paadavaa Un Paadalai after years (having overplayed it to death back in college) thanks to the Quarantine From Reality series.  I enjoyed their performance of the song and went back to the original.  As I marvelled at the intensity of the original as well as Ambika’s wonderful enactment of […]

Readers Write In #374: Half a Kilo Mixture

June 29, 2021


(by V. Vijaysree) Four years after Madras on my Mind, A City in Stories, here is another Chennai-centric anthology, this time by a single author. In her debut collection of short stories, Half a Kilo Mixture, Ranjitha Ashok captures the changing mores of Chennai through a host of female protagonists. Most readers, especially those who […]

Readers Write In #373: Notes on ‘Kaadhalum Kadanthu Pogum’

June 21, 2021


(by R Kailasham) I might sound older than my age for saying this, but I am going to say this anyway: they don’t make movies like in the old days anymore. This is my canned excuse for not having watched many Tamil movies since 2015. There is a Hindi saying that goes: “Saahitya Samaaj ka […]

Readers Write In #372: ‘Mare of Easttown’ and the ‘Mad Men’ syndrome

June 16, 2021


(by Madan Mohan) Mare of Easttown, the crime series starring Kate Winslet as the eponymous Mare (short for Marianne), has won much critical acclaim, particularly for the acting and more specifically for Winslet nailing the Delco accent (Delaware county of Pennsylvania). And while I did enjoy it too, I was left with a feeling of […]

Readers Write In #371: Sippi irukudu: Musings about a Timeless Treasure

June 5, 2021


(by S Madhumithaa) With the number of days where we are finding ourselves locked inside the four walls of our homes never ending, my gratitude for art is exponentially increasing. A couple of days back, I decided to watch the legendary K.B’s Varumayin Niram Sivappu. This time, I found myself unable to get over the […]

Readers Write In #370: The Josef Stalin Story

May 29, 2021


(by G Waugh) DISCLAIMER: This essay is a humble attempt to recount whatever I had read recently in historian Isaac Deutscher’s definitive book- Stalin, A Political Biography. There will be plenty of events here which I have discussed already in my series of essays in this blog titled The Russian Revolution. I really request my […]