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Readers Write In #438: 63 Years Later, Kaagaz Ke Phool Still Looks Magnificent

January 26, 2022


By Vikas Yadav Suresh Sinha (Guru Dutt) is a successful film director. His ecstatic fans surround him for an autograph, and the camera films their faces with a sliding motion, hinting that this obsession is unstable and fugacious. Indeed, this glittery stardom yields zero personal merriment. Suresh is separated from his wife and daughter (the […]

Readers Write In #437: தொலைந்து போன தொகுப்புகள் – சட்டென்று மாறுது மனநிலை

January 26, 2022


By ஓர் உயிரினம் 2006 பதினேழு வயதுபன்னண்டாம் வகுப்புபடபடக்கும் நெஞ்சுகத்திரி வெயில்காலை பொழுதுகணிப்பொறி முன் நான்எலியைத் தட்டிக்கொண்டே இருக்கிறேன்என் மதிப்பெண்ணை எதிர்பார்த்தும் எதிர்பாராமல்நெஞ்சடைக்கிறதுபயம் பீறிட்டு வருகிறதுPass-ஆனால் நல்ல கல்லூரிFail-ஆனால் சுமாரான கல்லூரி 2022 படிப்பின் படிக்கட்டுகள்பலதூரம் கடந்து வந்தபின்குளிர்பனி காலம்குடியரசு தினம்காலை பொழுதில்கணிப்பொறி முன் நான்அஸ்ஸாமிலிருந்து ஒரு வழக்கறிஞர்அவலத்துடன் கூறினார்எலியைத் தட்டிக்கொண்டே இருந்தோம்என் அக்காவின் பெயர்NRC பட்டியலில் உள்ளதா என்றுநெஞ்சடைக்கிறதுபயம் பீறிட்டு வருகிறதுPass-ஆனால் குடிமகள்Fail-ஆனால் detention center குடியரசு தின வாழ்த்துக்கள் இந்திய குடிமக்களே!

Readers Write In #436: Moga Mul

January 24, 2022


By Vikran MN I can’t remember a book which made me this sad in the recent times. Books that make me sad doesn’t necessarily have to be the most impactful ones. For example when I read ‘The Mill on the Floss’ it got me really sad but when someone would ask me about my top […]

Readers Write In #435: Twenty-five years of ‘Minsara Kanavu’

January 15, 2022


By Sundar Commemorating its golden jubilee year, AVM released Minsara Kananvu on Pongal, 1997. It was the directorial debut of Rajiv Menon, who was by then a famous cinematographer, thanks to Bombay. I had a ball watching Minsara Kanavu. We were some fifteen of us, exclusively school kids (grade details: withheld), watching one of the initial shows of the […]

Readers Write In #434: On Leo Tolstoy’s ‘A Calendar of Wisdom’ and the idea of daily devotion.

January 8, 2022


By J. Eswar A Velocity of Being, edited by Maria Papova, was an unusual book to read. The book carries one letter on each page. The letters all follow a theme – what reading means for the letter writer. But the letters are written by individuals from diverse backgrounds. To read these letters like a […]

Readers Write In #433: Retro Movie Review: Hum Tum (2004)

January 3, 2022


Retro Movie Review: Hum Tum (2004) By R. Kailasham ‘Was a long and dark DecemberFrom the rooftops I rememberThere was snow, white snow’Violet Hill, Coldplay Winter is delayed for the folks of Pittsburgh. I had traveled up the Duquesne Incline to see the city from an elevated vantage on New Years’ eve. The new year […]

Readers Write In #432: ‘Minnal Murali: Film Review’

December 27, 2021


(by Sundar) Minnal Murali, directed by Basil Joseph, picks up where most superhero films typically end. The writers (Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew) repeatedly up the ante for you to an extent that you go through an unjustifiable feeling of being let down in the climax. Basically, you keep longing for more. And that marks […]

Readers Write In #431: ’83’

December 25, 2021


(by Voldemort) In an early scene in 83, we see Kapil Dev (Ranveer Singh) and the Indian team administrator Man Singh giving a press conference (not really, there are only two people from the media). Kapil is asked condescendingly about their plans for the match, which he answers confidently with a smile on the face, […]

Readers Write In #430: Battle of the Sexes – A note about the misnomer, Uyire..

December 3, 2021


(by Deepika Santhanakrishnan) A recent YouTube video on “Love through Mani Ratnam’s Eyes” by Netflix India stirred a debate in my friends WhatsApp group. The debate is on “Desperation through Opposite Gender’s Eyes”. And it goes something like this (slightly edited, without loss of generality): Guy: I am not asking you to watch the full […]

Readers Write In #429: One prisoner, no dilemma: notes after watching Kaithi (2019)

December 2, 2021


(by R Kailasham) Prologue: “Dei, talking to you is like traveling on a time machine”, remarked my schoolfriend when I told her that I had just finished watching, for the first time, the 2007 movie, Deepavali, and that I especially liked how the first half of the movie is light and enjoyable without including an […]

Readers Write In #428: The Puzzling Case of Kabir Singh: A Sociologist’s Take: Theoretical Vs Empirical

November 24, 2021


(by S Srinivas) I was really piqued by the controversy generated by the movie “Kabir Singh”, and I wonder if I can use a sociologist’s lens to cast light on the issue.  A bit of background, when I was studying Sociology in the US, my professor once refused to pay any attention to my theories, […]

Readers Write In #427: Norwegian Wood

November 21, 2021


(by Lahari) One of Murakami’s bestseller, as the name suggests is filled with pop references like The Beatles and is a gripping story about the perks of being in your 20’s. This murakami’s work has so much more than that. “Death is not the exact opposite of life, but just a part of it” I […]

Readers Write In #426: Eternals: A reflection on God, powers and greater good

November 10, 2021


(by Prakash Alagarsamy) I am a fan of the MCU having read some comics. But on hearing the news that eternals is being made I was unsure. The comic book story is cliche as cliche gets. Even gaiman’s story is a done to earth superhero origin story. And seeing the all Star cast my doubts […]

Readers Write In #425: ‘VEER’ Sooryavanshi

November 9, 2021


(by An Jo) Major Spoilers/Disappointments No intent of comparison to Hollywood or ANY claim of superior intelligence or ‘taste’. I love Suppandi No intent of bringing down the morale of the Hindi film industry No claim over ‘masala’ and English ‘Grammar’ When Saibal Chatterjee from NDTV, who is utterly unfit to view or understand commercial […]

Readers Write In #424: Transcript of Interview with Matt Stoller on the Supply Chain Crisis, Great Resignation and Monopoly

November 8, 2021


(by Aman Basha) This is the partial transcript of an interview I did with Matt Stoller on important issues today. The total interview is an hour long and the remaining portions focus on the international finance systems, China, Hollywood, economists Modi and more (credit control, monetary policy, Obama and such). To see the latter, check […]

Readers Write In #423: The 90s revisited: a look at four Prashanth-Simran movies

November 7, 2021


(by R Kailasham) What qualifies as a hit jodi (leading pair)? You could apply your own filters, but a definitive marker would be to judge the success of the pair in projects by different directors. For instance, Surya-Asin worked well in Ghajini but not so much in Vel. Ditto with Vijay-Trisha in Ghilli but not […]

Readers Write In #422: Is the magic of Rajnikanth waning?

November 3, 2021


(by Gnanaozhi) It is the launch of yet another Rajni movie tomorrow but the intense chatter that accompanied a Rajni movie release over the past 2 odd decades seem to be missing entirely this time and has been slowly reducing over the past few releases and has reached this stage. Which begs the question, is […]

Readers Write In #421: What we do in the Shadows – A very funny and clever show you are most probably not watching right now but should be

November 3, 2021


(by Gnanaozhi) Was as always surfing the utterly bureaucratic dystopian menu of the clusterfuck that is Disney Hotstar figuring out what is going to be my next fix. And no, I am not kidding when I say Disney hotstar has the WORST UI, search tool of all OTT apps in the country. Don’t believe me? […]

Readers Write In #420: On Sardar Udham Singh; and Sircar’s vicious tricks with his audience…

November 1, 2021


(by An Jo) The initial texts that precede the start of this movie are in themselves a revelation as to what, and especially how, Sircar is willing and taunting the audience to rise up to the challenge of an uneven movie: History is dirty and muddled up isn’t it? Why would I make a ‘clean’ […]

Readers Write In #419: In Defense of DDLJ

November 1, 2021


(by Aman Basha) A thought experiment in text, to find out who the bigger hack is; Adi Chopra for making this dishonest film? Or this author, for crafting a disingenuous defense? “I am the peddler of dreams” The Self-introduced Shah Rukh Khan, to an audience abroad.  He was lucky that it was 2017, for if […]