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Readers Write In #498: Chup: Why is film criticism equally important as the film?

October 4, 2022


VS Shyam Like cinema, in criticism too, how it’s delivered matters more than what’s delivered. A serial killer who targets movie critics who give unabashed bad reviews for a good film and praises a bad film. Who wouldn’t want to at least know, if not watch, the story of such a different plot? Well that’s […]

Readers Write In #497: My thoughts on Ponniyin Selvan

October 4, 2022


Krithika Subramanian I’m not a long time possessive fan of the book by Kalki. As I listened to the audiobook after the teaser was launched, I felt both Vandhiyathevan (VT) and Adittha Karikalan (AK) had the best casting. I was quite sceptical of the rest. I was also worried Mani Ratnam in his usual minimalist […]

Readers Write In #496: A book review of Ponniyin Selvan – Gnanozhi

October 2, 2022


Sudharshan Garg This serialised novel was first published in October of 1950 and it took Tamil Nadu by storm. It is said to have singlehandedly pushed the magazine, Kalki to the top 3 position in most circulated magazines in India back then. Speak with anyone who grew up back then, and one of their fondest […]

Readers Write In #495: Ponniyin Selvan Part 1 review

October 1, 2022


Vijay Ramanathan A thrilling and gritty action-cum-political drama that immerses us into the power struggles of the Chozhas Spoilers ahead… Mani Ratnam’s grand epic, Ponniyin Selvan: Part 1 (PS-1), is a Chozha tale of political intrigue, power struggles and wars set in old-world Thanjavur, Pazhayarai, and Ilangai where the palaces are rugged, the streets raw […]

Readers Write In #494: The ​Real Master

September 24, 2022


Shiva Prasad What is the movie about? The age-old question! And, the conventional wisdom says, you need to reply back in 2 lines or less.  But, what is conventional wisdom anyway? Is it backed with truth, or is it just herding with faith? Is it immutable, or it just exposes the lack of curiosity in […]

Readers Write In #493: The other side

September 23, 2022


A short story by ​Iniya A This side. There is absolute order.  There are garlands everywhere woven to be perfectly identical down to the number of yellow and orange marigolds in each. There are little tables bordered with the exact same shade of gold, symmetrically placed across both ends of the temple. On them, sweets […]

Readers Write In #492: Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu

September 23, 2022


By ​Sneha Kannan Going in to watch the movie whose trailer that did nothing to my senses, I came out feeling so satisfied after I watched Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu. The feelings that movies evoke in people is so subjective which is why it’s commendable when reviewers express that this is how they felt after watching the movie […]

Readers Write In #491: Classics on YouTube #2 – All My Sons (1948)

September 18, 2022


By ​Vijay Ramanathan Note: YouTube’s vast repository includes a multitude of wonderful movies in many languages – some hidden gems, and some that are hard to find elsewhere. In this series of articles, I will share some of my favorite classic movies freely available on YouTube, along with a brief analysis. The videos are not […]

Readers Write In #490: Sinam – An apt title in many ways, including our reaction to the film!

September 17, 2022


By ​Bharath Vijayakumar In Sinam, Arun Vijay plays Paari, a sub inspector. But that is only his profession. He is not just another sub inspector. He plays an ‘angry’ sub inspector. The angry young man trope or the angry cop trope isn’t anything novel. But how do you then justify the title? So, Paari wears […]

Readers Write In #489: Celebrating Chaos in ‘Everything, Everywhere, All at Once’

September 16, 2022


By ​Karthik Amarnath I can’t remember the last time I had as much fun watching a movie as I did with the Daniels’ Everything Everywhere All at once. I was reminded of a great Robert Altman quote that says, “Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.” The Daniels’ have taken this literally, living as many lifetimes as […]

Readers Write In #488: An Open Letter to Gautham Vasudev Menon

September 16, 2022


By ​Ponnuvelraj C Dear Gautham, You are one of the elements that define Tamil Pop culture. Any discussion on Tamil Cinema would hardly pass without mentioning the brilliance you’ve transpired on screen multiple times. I always thought, if Kollywood ever had a Mount Rushmore, then your bust deserved a place. I’ve been such a big […]

Readers Write In #487: Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu – Lots to like and few to diss but a solid outing if you can pardon the romance!

September 16, 2022


By ​Bharath Vijayakumar Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu opens with a young man working all alone in a deserted land amidst bushes, branches and thorns. Now these catch fire. He struggles and finds his way out of the fire. He survives but is also wounded by numerous thorns that have pierced his back. This opening, kind of […]

Readers Write In #486: Lessons from Brahmastra: Part One Shiva

September 12, 2022


By Kartik Iyer Looking at the figures Brahmastra: Part One Shiva is earning it is safe to speculate there will be a part 2. Secondly, looking at the sharply divided stance on the movie, it is clear that people either love it or hate it. What is also clear is few have avoided it. Considering all this, […]

Readers Write In #485: Feelings about Brahmastra

September 11, 2022


By Aman Basha Venting out my mixed feelings about the biggest Hindi film of the year. Before all things, Brahmastra must be celebrated and applauded for one reason and one reason alone: it has dealt a death blow to one of the most obnoxious, illogical and irritating trends of all time, where stupid jobless lukkhas […]

Readers Write In #484: Why can’t HE do it?

September 6, 2022


By Hari 5 years back, after the birth of our second born, me and my wife went to her gynec to discuss the possibilities for birth control. That is when she told my wife why can’t he do it. It is a complex procedure for you, if it was a Caesarian we could have done […]

Readers Write In #483: Classics on YouTube #1 – The Rains Came (1939)

September 5, 2022


By Vijay Ramanathan Note: YouTube’s vast repository includes a multitude of wonderful movies in many languages – some hidden gems, and some that are hard to find elsewhere. In this series of articles, I will share some of my favorite classic movies freely available on YouTube, along with a brief analysis. The videos are not […]

Readers Write In #482: To Sita Ramam, With Love

September 3, 2022


By Aman Basha Celebrating the most wonderful and surprising film of 2022 “Inthandam daari mallinda, bhumipaike cherukunnada”. Goes the opening salvo of Sita Ramam’s first romantic song, wondering if such a beauty had lost its way, for how else could it be that she’s here today. That sentiment must have been universal with audiences watching […]

Readers Write In #481: My View: Natchathiram Nagargirathu

September 1, 2022


By Ponnuvelraj C Ten minutes into Pa. Ranjith’s NatchathiramNagargirathu, youare introduced to a film language whose grammar is plain and simple and for some reason feels very peculiar. It makes us sit up and take note of every word that is being said and study every frame that is being shown, unconsciously searching for the subtext. The […]

Readers Write In #480: My affair with Black and White films

September 1, 2022


By G Waugh Thank you Vijay Ramanathan for giving me a topic to write. There was a time I used to watch films only for what is often called the ‘story’. Those were early days. If a film did not have a long-winded story or a story of some ‘importance’, just like many others I […]

Readers Write In #479: Classic Hollywood Recommendations: Bad Day at Black Rock

August 28, 2022


By Vijay Ramanathan Consider the following setup for a movie: A stranger arrives in a lawless town in the middle of nowhere in search of a man whom no one in town wants to talk about. If you’ve watched a bit of World Cinema, or some old Hollywood movies, you might think that the stranger […]