Brief Reel: Titus And Dronicus

Posted on March 9, 2016


I get a lot of requests to watch short films, and I thought I’d use the blog to showcase some of them — beginning with Titus And Dronicus, a set of three webisodes. If you know my love for wordplay, you’ll know why I was intrigued by a Shakespearean spin-off with that title, which refers to two PIs first seen talking to Ophelia. Yes, that Ophelia, from the story of a prince who could not brush his teeth without monologuing about it. (Hey, their words, not mine.) The Hollywood setting allows for killer Weinstein/James Franco riffs, and somewhere along the line, we sense the spirit of Tom Stoppard. (Dronicus is a scream every time he reminisces about twin sisters and shipwrecks.) With just the right amount of hamminess in the performances. I laughed a lot.