“Ramaleela”… An okayish, inadvertently meta political thriller that blurs the line between reel and real

Posted on October 3, 2017


Spoilers ahead…

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Arun Gopy’s Ramaleela (Rama’s Play) was conceived and completed before its leading man, Dileep, was arrested for plotting the kidnap and assault of an actress — so what we see on screen is not intentionally meta. But meta it certainly is. How can you not think about real life when the first sighting of Ramanunni (Dileep) occurs as he is escorted by cops? And who’s waiting at the other end? The media, breathless for sound bites. Even the lines (“Are the allegations true?”) flit easily between Ramanunni and Dileep. And consider the zoom-in to Ramanunni standing behind a window: slowly, the wall vanishes, the frame disappears, and we just see a face behind vertical bars. If a grisly, can’t-look-away road accident were made into a movie, it’d resemble Ramaleela.

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