“Bhaagamathie”… A clever story that undermines its cleverness with jump scares and a slack screenplay

Posted on January 27, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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The latest incarnation of the haunted-house movie is titled Bhaagamathie – and it’s at least a little different from others of its ilk. It’s a haunted-palace movie. The police force, though, prefer to call the mansion a guest house. It’s in the middle of a forest, and it’s where a convict named Sanchala (Anushka Shetty, whose statuesque presence does more for these parts than her performance) is being taken for interrogation. (The police suspect that this former IAS officer knows something about antiques being smuggled out of the country.) As Sanchala is being taken there, an ominous crow trails them. The weather report warns of a storm ahead. The insides of the location are filled with dim lighting, ear-shattering music, and – you’d better be sitting down for this – cobwebs. Someone is heard muttering, “Adhu guest house illa. Ghost house.”

Soon, people are being tossed around like puppets. (Literally!) Is Sanchala possessed by the spirit of a queen? A tantrik is brought in to find out. He says there’s only way to ascertain that there are two souls inside Sanchala’s body, and that’s to check if she’s giving off a bad smell. He isn’t talking about BO. But something else stinks, and it’s the lip-sync. The film is meant to be in Tamil, but half the actors seem to be speaking in Telugu.

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