“Race 3.”… The third time’s the harm, as a cheerfully brainless franchise turns into (gulp!) a family saga

Posted on June 16, 2018


Spoilers ahead…

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The choreographer-turned-director Remo D’Souza may be the most truthful filmmaker in Bollywood. He knows he’s not out to make classics, which may be why the titles of his films appear almost confessional. First came F.A.L.T.U. Translation: Don’t say you weren’t warned! It’s the cinematic equivalent of ordering something that’s labelled on the menu as Somewhat Iffy Salad, Prepared by a Rather Questionable Chef. Then we got the Any Body Can Dance films — as opposed to, Only People with Rhythm and  Grace and Years of Proper Training Can Dance. Talent is overrated, the title said. Now, we have Race 3, with Salman Khan. The title suggests instant disconnect. Can you imagine that bulked-up, steroid-ified body doing anything as fleet as… racing? Lumbering Slo-mo Walk Towards the Camera 3 might have worked. But a better title comes to mind: Any Body Can Make a Movie.

Oh, but I’m probably protesting too much — for the general ineptness of an entry in the Race franchise is a given. The question, inevitably, isn’t how good the film is, but how bad! Is it trashy-fun bad, something you can laugh about and get through with snarky friends and a bucket of buttered popcorn? Or is it worse, the kind of badness where you are seized by fits of gratitude towards the inventor of the smartphone, who gave you the option of doing something more entertaining, like catching up on emails from HR? Or is it a few rungs lower, where you question your career choice as a film critic, and wonder if you should have chosen something less stressful, like running a preschool for two-year-olds with ADHD? Or is it a film that leaves you with molten rage towards your parents, who caused you to be born and witness a day when Salman Khan accuses Jacqueline Fernandez of overacting!

That’s an actual line in the movie. As is this: “Our business is our business, and none of your business.” Walking into Race 3, I was mildly perturbed when the attendant handed me a pair of 3D glasses. I did not know the Race franchise had any dimension, let alone a third. Besides, given the tendency of the actors in these films to rip off their shirts, the last thing I wanted was to be poked in the eye by a jutting nipple. But it turns out, far greater horrors lay in store, in the form of dialogues. A request to play a video on a laptop goes thus: “Usey dil nahin, DELL kholke dikhao.” Some bragging about a new girlfriend comes likes this: “It’s a done deal. Signed, sealed and delivered… With a kiss!” Here’s how a character explains how she overheard a conversation: “Bugs. Kaatne waale nahin. Sunne wale!” I wanted to take the writer aside and explain to him what lines were: “Geometry waale nahin. Script waale.”

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