“Game Over”… Enjoyable, fabulously twisty, and a bona fide original

Posted on June 13, 2019


Spoilers ahead…

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Oh, a serial-killer movie! That’s what I thought during the vicious opening scenes of Ashwin Saravanan’s fabulously twisty Game Over. The creepy camerawork by A Vasanth sustains this impression, with grainy images and a handheld vibe. Like in Michael Powell’s seminal voyeur-thriller Peeping Tom (released in 1960, which also saw the release of another seminal slasher movie, Psycho), we seem to be witnessing a sicko get off by murdering women and recording their final moments. A television report confirms the presence of a murderer at large. But wait! Serial-killer thrillers are built on fetishes, motives, and a reveal — either early on, or later — about the killer’s identity that makes us piece together a “story”, along with the protagonist. Game Over is not exactly that movie, but then, you could come at this film from several angles.

Here’s another angle. Game Over is a psychodrama about a suicidal video-game designer who’s afraid of the dark: Swapna, played by a gritty Taapsee Pannu (as always, the actress is more impressive at showing strength than vulnerability).

Here’s another angle. Game Over is a movie about a ghost possessing a body in order to extract revenge. (The means through which the “spirit” enters the body is genius, one of the most unique and imaginative plot points I’ve seen.) This angle involves a tattoo artist (Ramya Subramanian), and her place of business does sound like something to do with the afterlife: Immortal Inks.

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