“Jada”… Kathir stars in an unremarkable sports drama that switches midway to an unremarkable ghost story

Posted on December 6, 2019


Whether pure genre or a mix, what matters is the writing. And that’s all over the place. The football itself is reduced to a lesser version of the game we saw in the first half….

Spoilers ahead…

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With the exception of romance, we get very few “pure genre” films (recent exceptions like Kaithi and Helen notwithstanding). Our action movies have full-fledged love stories. Our horror films come with full-fledged comedy tracks. So when Kumaran’s Jada, which starts out like an underdog sports drama, turned midway into a scary ghost story, I did a quick mental WTF and quickly recalibrated that setting of the brain that makes us respond to these things. A tonal shift is, at least, better than watching Yogi Babu mouth a few more lame lines because… comedy. He does, however, get to body-shame someone else — for a change, he isn’t the object of ridicule. 

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