Martin Prakkat’s ‘Nayattu’, with Kunchacko Boban, Joju George and Nimisha Sajayan, is an excellent thriller that carries the punch of a hard-hitting social drama

Posted on April 16, 2021


Spoilers ahead…


Nayattu, directed by Martin Prakkat and written by Shahi Kabir, begins with a scene that I read as a metaphor: a tug of war between two teams of men. In the middle of this, there’s a smiling politician walking about the crowd, soliciting votes. This sets up what’s going to follow because the film itself is a tug of war between what we conventionally call right and wrong. The politician is important, too, and signifies the by-elections round the corner. 

We have a cop called Maniyan (Joju George). He helps frame a case against a boy who is caught with a girl whose father is a minister. Why he does this is obvious: because his higher up asked him to do it and also because he’s a father of a young girl himself. He’s proud of her and the thought that his daughter shouldn’t end up in a similar situation probably influences him. So, Maniyan frames the boy with a false case, with the rest of the film being about how karma comes back to bite.  

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