Hanu Raghavapudi’s Sita Ramam, with Dulquer Salmaan, is a gorgeous big-screen romance that could have used more edge, more depth

Posted on August 5, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

After a point, the non-stop beauty of the visuals – and the effort to write scenes that contain such beauty – begins to suffocate the romance.

Dulquer Salmaan should get more films which have him in an unshaven, unkempt look. That’s one of the thoughts I had while watching Hanu Raghavapudi’s Sita Ramam. The actor is his usual smart, charming self, but towards the end, with a beard and with messed-up hair, we seem to be looking at a whole new performer, revealing whole new dimensions of pain. He plays Lieutenant Ram, who is in the Indian Army, and we have to wait a while for our first glimpse of him. Until then, we get the film’s premise. The Pakistan Army and the Mujahideen are setting out to  break the unity of Muslims and Hindus in Kashmir. This portion is set in the 1960s, and we keep switching to the 1980s, where Rashmika Mandanna, a fiercely patriotic Pakistani, is entrusted with a mission involving Lieutenant Ram. 

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