Sri Ganesh’s ‘Kurudhi Aattam’, starring Atharvaa and Priya Bhavani Shankar, is a series of action set pieces with no emotional glue to bind them together

Posted on August 5, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The narrative moves in fits and starts, and I couldn’t decide if it was due the screenplay itself or due to parts being trimmed off. Either way, it’s hard to root for anyone.

In an early scene in Sri Ganesh’s Kuridhi Aattam, a little girl named Kanmani is seen caring for plants. One of these plants is withered and someone says it’s a lost case. She says that the strong plants will survive. It’s the weak ones that need our help. Later in the film, we get this question: If someone we like commits a crime, should we care about the crime or the person we care about? You think these bits of philosophy will cohere into some sort of roadmap for the film. But it’s all very vague, like the fact that the hero Atharvaa is an atheist. You could leave this aspect of his personality and the story would be no different. And what about Atharvaa’s statement that he does not like to lose? It’s again something that appears to have been written to punch up just that moment. It adds nothing to the overall picture.

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