Vivek’s underwhelming ‘The Teacher’ (Malayalam) might have worked better as a pulpy B-movie than a “serious film with good intentions”

Posted on December 2, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

Amala Paul shows us the grit in a woman who faces difficult choices – but both she and Hakkim Shajahan are let down by the predictable writing. 

the teacher amala paul

Vivek follows Athiran with The Teacher, and one of the nicest bits of the film takes place in a bus. Sujith (Hakkim Shajahan) is on a call to his wife, Devika (Amala Paul). He has made a mistake, a big mistake. He is apologising.  And while this call is taking place, the woman in the next seat keeps looking at him. After Sujith hangs up, she tells him that she has been married a long time and never once has her husband said sorry to her. She’s happy that at least this young generation of men has changed. If only she knew. The scene plays like the woman’s story but it’s actually Sujith’s character that’s revealed. He isn’t really the man that this woman thinks he is. Well, he could have been that man if all things had gone his way. But it’s how we handle the unexpected that makes us show our true colours. And Sujith’s true colours aren’t pretty. 

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