Shamal Sulaiman’s entertaining ‘Jackson Bazaar Youth’ makes you think it’s a drama about the underprivileged before pulling the rug from under your feet

Posted on May 20, 2023


Spoilers ahead…

This film understands that the System is too powerful to be overcome by a few angry young men. The most subversive thought is that, if you want revenge, you have to get it from inside the System.

jackson bazaar youth

They live in a poramboke area called Jackson Bazaar. They wear yellow shirts and maroon pants. They play brass and percussion instruments. They are all men, both old and young. And they are really popular with the locals, as is evident from the reception they get after playing at a church festival. They are the ‘Jackson Bazaar Youth’ – and within the band, the most popular member is the trumpet player named Jackson Velayyan. From his very first scene, where he washes his trumpet with water, we know we are going to love this character, played by the superb Jaffer Idukki. He comes across like a gruff teddy-bear, but he does not overdo the cuteness. He plays Jackson Velayyan like a mentor, a leader, and above all, a musician who loves his music more than anything else in the world.

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