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Superstar Rajinikanth: Into the World with Bear Grylls attempts to show a human side of the on-screen superhero

March 23, 2020


No dupes. No mattresses to cushion a fall. This is Rajinikanth himself, in the wilderness. (In other words: What does the tiger tell Rajini? You’ve earned your stripes!) Spoilers ahead… At the beginning of the Discovery Channel show, Into The Wild With Bear Grylls And Superstar Rajinikanth, the anchor says he’s going to take celebrities, […]

FC @ Cannes 2019: A few of my favourite things

May 14, 2019


Read the full article on Film Companion, here: In between screenings at the world’s biggest film festival, here’s a bunch of things I look forward to. So what, apart from the movies, am I looking forward to at Cannes? Maybe a Sylvester Stallone sighting, while he’s promoting Rambo V – Last Blood. You kids […]

In the hills, they hope for change

May 7, 2016


The tribals of Sathyamangalam are seeing red during these elections. The Oorali tribals of the village of Kaalidhimbam, in the Sathyamangalam hills, say that the houses they live in were built during Kamaraj’s rule, some sixty years ago. They want new houses. And the government says they can get new houses under the Pasumai Veedu […]

The lay of their land

April 20, 2016


The Kani tribals in the hills of Mundanthurai know what they want (and what they’re likely to get) from the forthcoming elections. The forests of the Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, situated in the hills of the Western Ghats that slice through Tirunelveli, are a typically rough-hewn terrain, but P Veluchamy prefers to walk barefoot. If he […]

Vacation notes

February 9, 2016


I’m not proud to confess this, but flying thousands of miles and then lining up to visit a museum doesn’t do much for me. To your right, ladies and gentlemen, is the house in which Charles Dickens lived. Okay – and? This is the desk at which he hammered out The Pickwick Papers. Okay – […]

Art reorientation

November 13, 2015


A colossal performing-arts space in South Korea hopes to establish the East as the centre of the cultural world.  One evening this September in Gwangju, South Korea, some 125 people watched Tishani Doshi and Shaji John slip into what seemed like a trance and demonstrate Chandralekha’s theories about “the geometry of the body.” The production, […]

All about Berlinale

February 14, 2015


Long queues, freezing air, bad palak paneer… here I am, pretending that covering Berlinale 2015 is cruel work. The first couple of days about a film festival, you realise, aren’t about the film festival. At least, not entirely. They’re about being in a new city, about the relief that most people here speak English; about […]

The school in the forest

May 24, 2014


Tribal children. Foreign teachers. Classes named after fruits and trees. On the eve of a national educational conference to be held at its premises, Baradwaj Rangan visits the “educational experiment” that is Vidya Vanam. Maybe the boy broke the bucket. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he just found the broken bucket, in the school’s premises. But […]

Sandcastles near waves

February 15, 2014


Baradwaj Rangan drops in on a workshop and follows Santosh Sivan’s crew as they film a riff on the Ramayana. One Sunday last month, I sat behind a film crew at the sprawling Adishakti campus in Puducherry and watched an actor playing Hanuman search for Sita. This wasn’t the Hanuman from the comics or from […]

A world of words

August 17, 2013


The hills were alive with the sound of musings, says Baradwaj Rangan, on the recently concluded Mountain Echoes literary festival in Thimphu. Mountain Echoes, the Bhutan Festival of Literature, Art and Culture, 2013, opened in Thimphu with a session that featured Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck. She spoke about her childhood […]

Death of a way of life

May 5, 2013


The Hindu’s Kerala bureaus have been covering the malnutrition deaths in the tribal villages of Palakkad. Here, Baradwaj Rangan writes about life in one such village In the tribal village of Thekke Kadambara, the air is thick with the odour of goat droppings. The animals are everywhere – inside the houses, in sheds just outside […]

Where the art is

December 8, 2012


A city that did not have a single gallery of international standards is now getting ready to host a large-scale, three-month-long exhibition of contemporary art. A week before the opening of India’s first ever biennale, Baradwaj Rangan gets a sense of the preparations and the politics on the ground. The road snaking past Fort Kochi […]

In the far North, a bit of the West

September 28, 2012


The Stampede in Calgary, Canada, was first staged in September 1912. 100 years later, Baradwaj Rangan experiences the sights, sounds and, yes, smells of the frontier. When you barely scrape five-foot-six, you don’t seek out a Stetson. This is what we’ve been taught by the John Ford movies, many of which featured John Wayne, who […]

Food Safari… In search of Madurai jigarthanda

September 15, 2012


Sheikh Abdul Qader is not an easy man to miss. For one, he runs the most famous jigarthanda store in Madurai, the rather immodestly (if obviously) named Famous Jigarthanda. Secondly, when this affable 50-year-old smiles, as he is wont to whenever he speaks, he reveals a mouth only partially filled with teeth, which are all […]

A teardrop in the ocean

August 25, 2012


It’s a small beginning, a modestly scaled cultural exchange between India and Sri Lanka’s Northern Province that’s hopefully the drizzle before a downpour. A report from Jaffna on an arts festival that ventures overseas for the first time. On the penultimate day of the month-long annual festival of the Nallur Kandaswamy Temple, the long ribbon […]

Rocky Mountain high

August 17, 2012


Baradwaj Rangan visits a couple of national parks in Canada and returns with tales of glacier walks, mountaintop sunrises, and a ghost in white. Dave Moberg, Guest Relations Manager of the Fairmont Banff Springs, likes to tell the story of how Indira Gandhi’s visit to the hotel almost resulted in his divorce. “It was a […]

Food Safari… In search of Srivilliputtur palgova

June 23, 2012


For four years now, Selvam – a journeyman of medium height, swarthy and stocky – has been showing up for work at a house a quarter-kilometre from the Andal temple. His station, which overlooks the street and which he shares with five other workers, is a longish shed with a sextet of small kilns. Like […]

The other Miss Koovagam

May 5, 2012


Transgenders from all over Tamil Nadu – and some from outside – dress up, dance, and compete in a beauty contest that’s not the one you usually hear about. Behind a marriage hall in Villupuram – named, somewhat ironically, Sri Anjaneya, after a deity who opted to remain wifeless – I run into Shakila, a […]

The not-so-long and winding roads

March 2, 2012


Melbourne’s laneways offer a myriad of quietly spectacular sights and sounds. How do you fill up a morning in Melbourne? If you have a thing for skyscrapers, especially those whose top floors are gold-plated on the outside, you could stop by Eureka Tower at the Southbank precinct, hop into the elevator, shoot up to the […]

Waiting for cricket

February 3, 2012


Ambling around Adelaide, fingers fervently crossed at the prospect of slipping into the final test match at the Oval. The twenty-sixth of January, our Republic Day, is also Australia Day. The Advertiser, a newspaper whose name suggests an unblushing commitment to its priorities, asks its readers about their holiday plans. Tenille Aberle from Mawson Lakes […]