Bitty Ruminations 87 – Nepotism

Posted on July 20, 2017


Someone brought up the nepotism thing in the comments section, and I thought I’d add my two cents. Was the joke (by Saif, Karan and Varun) insensitive? Sure. Was it in bad taste? Probably. But these awards shows have a long tradition of jokes being made about the industry — that’s the shtick. And each of these jokes must have been “hurtful” to the person being lampooned. This is what a certain kind of comedy is. I find this whole “men of privilege bashing a poor little actress with no connections” narrative a little baffling. Had this joke been made early on in Kangana’s career, then sure, this narrative might stand. But now, she’s herself in a position of privilege. She’s controlling her narrative. She can afford to have a few jokes cracked at her expense, just like Sanjay Leela Bhansali can afford to have a joke cracked about the failure of Saawariya, which happened in an awards show.

This goes back to how touchy we are when it comes to comedy, how easily we are outraged. We seem to be okay with the “roasts” we watch, where Hollywood royalty is mercilessly mocked. It seems to be fine when they do it to their stars. But the same happens here, and a thousand op-ed pieces bloom forth.

PS: It’d be so much more fun if Kangana shot back a few jokes at Saif, Karan and Varun. Balance restored. End of silly fracas.

PPS:  There are far more important things we should be taking the cudgels up for.