Caught at Cannes: Aneek Chaudhuri’s film is silent about rape

Posted on May 10, 2018


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With no dialogues and only music and images, ‘White’ – which will be screened on 11 May, in Marché du Film (Film Market) – is a unique take on a universal subject.

“Have you ever been blindfolded?” Aneek Chaudhuri asks, when I wonder about the title of his new film, White, an anthology of three stories about three women who’ve been raped. “Have you come across a blind person? You must have! The answer is best known to those who have seen enough darkness but still hope for light. White refers to a ray of hope existing among women even in the darkest situation. Even after facing the menace of rape, women are not devoid of serenity and hope – the hope for a normal life.”

Last year, Chaudhuri’s Streer Potro (The Wife’s Letter) was screened at the market. Eventually, Amazon Prime bought the film and released in a few territories. Chaudhuri credits his sales agent, Adler and Associates. “I was a novice. They held my hand through each step along the way.” Like White, Streer Potro is an abstract film. Chaudhuri was inspired by the surrealism of Dali and simplicity of Tagore (whose story formed the basis of the narrative.) Which led me to my first question.

You label the film “three women, three tales.” Did you have Ray’s Teen Kanya (Three Daughters) in mind? Like Ray’s film, White is an anthology. Plus, the stories in the Ray film were also sourced from Tagore.

White was not inspired either by Ray or Tagore; it is the sequence of daily events that triggered me to create something. I had never been responsible earlier and created something for society’s sake. Now, if I speak of the anthology part, I believe 3 is a very important number. 3 has the alphabetic characteristic of W; if we observe closely, there are 3 dots in W as well as in 3 that are not connected to each other but the root is the same. So is the power of White, whose three stories run down on the common root of rape.

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