Masakali 2.0: AR Rahman is understandably annoyed, but remakes aren’t going away anytime soon

Posted on April 9, 2020


A remix itself isn’t a sin. Sometimes, it’s about a vision, about how you see the original song. But this Tanishk Bagchi version is just pointless.

A little after T-Series dropped ‘Masakali 2.0’, the world found itself considering a new adjective to describe AR Rahman: “angry”. The Sufi saint of Indian film music took to Instagram and posted an image of a man on fire, his face turned to the heavens in a howl of agony. (It’s probably from a Hollywood movie. I can’t recall it offhand.) The caption below said: “The strongest man is he who is able to control his anger.” A simple Google search told me that this is a quote by Ali ibn Abi Talib, cousin and son-in-law of prophet Muhammad. If there’s someone who can cling on to his faith even during such a moment, it’s probably only AR Rahman.

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